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Not Without My Daughter/Persepolis CFR
Words • 1527
Pages • 7
The historical backdrop for the two films ‘Not Without My Daughter’ and ‘Persepolis’ involved tensions preceding and during the Iranian Revolution in the 1970s. Reza Shah Pahlavi held power in Iran leading up to the revolutions, and was known for being pro-Axis during World War II. Due to this, Reza Shah was deposed during the Anglo-Russian occupation after the war in favor of his son, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The Prime Minister of Iran at the time, Mossadegh fought to…...
Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
Words • 3256
Pages • 14
Persepolis is a graphic autobiography written by Marjane Satrapi that depicts her childhood and adulthood in Iran, during the Iranian Revolution, among other places around the world. Throughout Marjane’s story, we are introduced to many of the topics that were introduced to us during our class. Because of this, I was able to understand her story and why she did the things that she did. She did them because she had to. She did them to survive. Gender and its…...
Persepolis Citadel in Ancient Persia
Words • 488
Pages • 2
Persepolis, Iran of the Achaemenid Empire of Persia is one of the most complex and organized cities, resting atop of a very tall plateau as a citadel, with many different royal buildings stood overlooking the land below created in 521-465 BCE. Wide stairways led up to the citadel and opened into a apadana, or a massive royal audience room. Most notably is its sea of thirty-six columns consisting of shafts, or the body of the column, flutes, or the depressed…...
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Publication “Why Iran is Needed”
Words • 658
Pages • 3
On the evening of Tuesday, November 13, I attended a lecture by Dr. Reza Saadein titled “Why Iran Matters” in the Chapel. Dr. Saadein introduced the topic by going into some of the history of Iran. The Persian Empire lasted only a little over 200 years, yet they controlled a large amount of land stretching from Egypt to Greece and India. The first Persian empire was led and started by King Cyrus. Under Cyrus’ rule, they were also the first…...
Waiting For The End of The War!
Words • 1598
Pages • 7
The novel Persepolis, the main character is Marjane who desires to be a prophet. The war will soon begin, and people start to leave before everything gets worse. People move to the United States to seek a better life for their children and themselves. They did not want to face the horrors of the war because they know everything would get worse. Women were not allowed to show their skin or hair. Men have to wear loose clothes and could…...
War and Growth in Persepolis.
Words • 452
Pages • 2
Throughout the novel of Persepolis, Marji is growing up. Unfortunately Iran where she lives a war torn country and gets bombed often. Theses events help Marji mature from a young girl into a young woman. Luckily Marji is strong and can overcome these obstacles. Marji grows up in Persepolis because her town is being bombed and she sees the impact on the people around her making it unsafe for her to live in Iran with her family. Marji grows up…...
Growing UpPersepolis
Publication Persepolis Darius the Great
Words • 1020
Pages • 5
Since the beginning of time, many intelligent and strong leaders were born. However, there was one man that was born and destined to be an emperor, who had earned the title of “The Great,” and his name was Darius The Great. Darius the great was the greatest emperor of all time because he had very advanced architecture, created great international connections across Persia, and had a very stabilized government. Darius was a great leader because he was very advanced in…...
Publication “Persepolis”, “A Coming-of-Age Story Set in Revolutionary Iran”
Words • 1015
Pages • 5
Words are not the only way an author can communicate to his or her reader. The incorporation of images into any novel conveys a way for the author to tell a story and have a conversation with the audience. One author, Marjane Satrapi, describes her memoir in an illustrative form. Marjane Satrapi was born in the year 1969 in Rasht, Iran. She is an Iranian novelist and artist, best known for her work in Persepolis, a “coming-of-age story set in…...
Publication My Book Review of Persepolis
Words • 1085
Pages • 5
This is my review of Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis: The Complete Series. This is my first time reading a graphic novel about a true-life autobiographical theme. My usual graphic novel readings are of super heroes and the like, so this was a first for me. I began reading, fully expecting that I would learn a great deal about middle eastern cultures. Persepolis did not disappoint my desire to learn, and understand women in the Islamic revolution. The theme of the book,…...
Violence In Persepolis
Words • 1712
Pages • 7
This sample paper on Violence In Persepolis offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body and conclusion of the paper below.Effects of Violence on Marli Although violence is intended to harm someone, there can be positive effects in certain situations. In MarJane Satrapi’s personal memoir, Persepolis, it is shown that Marli is exposed toa large amount of violence in her life, and in turn, it has affected her in…...
AdolescenceAngerEntertainmentFilm AnalysisHuman NaturePersepolis
Global Issues In Persepolis
Words • 874
Pages • 4
Marjane Satrapi’s novel Persepolis is an in depth expression at Marjane’s kid goon in Iran. Throughout the fresh Marji faces many public issues which straight relate to her personal problems. While Marji was turning up she witnessed the relinquishing of the Shah’s government. The Islamic revolution and the Iraq V Iran war. Her fresh screens an eight twelvemonth span. from the ages six to fourteen. Even though the novel begins when Marji is merely six old ages old she was…...
Film AnalysisIranPersepolisPolitics
Persepolis Essay Topics
Words • 480
Pages • 2
Form Purpose Audience Language How to use the text Reflective expository essay To explore the ideas of the prompt and consider different ways of looking at conflict. General adult audience, teacher, peers Sophisticated, formal with some personal reflection, switching between 1st and 3rd person. Descriptive anecdotes. Experiences of particular characters or events can be contrasted with other real life events or personal experiences. Feature Article on the effect of war on women for a weekend section of The age (or…...
CommunicationCultureFilm AnalysisHuman NaturePersepolis
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