War and Growth in Persepolis.

Throughout the novel of Persepolis, Marji is growing up. Unfortunately Iran where she lives a war torn country and gets bombed often. Theses events help Marji mature from a young girl into a young woman. Luckily Marji is strong and can overcome these obstacles. Marji grows up in Persepolis because her town is being bombed and she sees the impact on the people around her making it unsafe for her to live in Iran with her family.

Marji grows up in Persepolis through her seeing the damage it does to her friend.

Marji and her mother are walking past the remains of the Leda Baba Levy’s after they were bombed. While they are walking by Marji notices something in the remains. Marji realizes “[She] saw a turquoise Bracelet… The bracelet was still attached to…[Her body party]”(Satrapi 142). Marji sees this terrible scene at such a young age that it would make her mature quickly. In Persepolis after she sees this she starts to rebel in school by telling off her teacher.

Unfortunately she ends up getting expelled and all of the events can be drawn back to this event. Marji loses innocence clearly because of this event.

Marji also shows growing up through being in constant fear of getting bombed. Marji is home with her family when Tehran starts getting bombed. Marji and her parents finally realize the grave danger that they are. Marji explains “The three minutes seemed like, three days for the first time, I realized how much danger we were in”(Satrapi 136).

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Marji will clearly grow up through this. This is because people generally mature after traumatic experiences and Marji shows this after these bombings by rebelling against the government. Marji is in a lot of danger which helps her learn from these experiences and helps her develop into a young woman.

Marji grows up in the novel because she has to move away on her own because it is unsafe for her to live in Iran. MArji is talking to her parents and they explain to her about how it is unsafe for her to live in Iran and that they think she should move to Austria. Taji and Eby explain “[Marji’s parents] feel it’s better for [Marji] to be far away and happy than close by and miserable”(Satrapi 148). Marji is going to have to quickly mature and grow up. This is because she is used to living with her parents and requires their help for a lot of things. Yet now she has to quickly and suddenly move to Austria by herself and live there. Not only will this change her upbringing she will have to mature at a much faster rate.

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