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The Complexity of Panopticism by Michel Foucault
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Michel Foucault's Panopticism is easily recognized as being one of the most complex works to English literature. It encompasses many multifaceted ideas and intertwines them by the end of the passage to one, throwing readers for a loop and often leaving them only more confused after reading it than before. By being able to critique some of the most difficult parts and trying to make meaning out of them, readers gain a new perspective of the works and may be…...
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A Review of Michel Foucault’s Theory of Panopticism
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Michel Foucault's "Panopticism” was a challenging read however it was a significant theoretical piece that explained the relationship between surveillance and power. However, he expands his argument about how nothing is public or private through examples of the seventeenth century plague and also described the structure of a panopticon. Both examples then relate back to the theme of knowledge is power. He analyzes the structure and the plague to emphasize knowledge is the power that controls the ignorant. Foucault describes…...
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Michel Foucault and Postmodern Panopticons Around Us
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In Michel Foucault's “Panopticism”, he discusses Jeremy Bentham's idea of the panopticon which is a prison that allows for the prisoners to be well lit and watched at all times; however, the prisoners never know when they are being watched because the watchers are behind blackened glass. Foucault rightly points out that this breaks the seeing/being seen distinction because the prisoner cannot see if he/she is being watched, but the watcher both can see inside and out. So, this instills…...
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Punishment Passed From the Body to the Soul of Michel Foucault
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Pages • 3
Michel Foucault gives an in-depth historical analysis of punitive punishment in order to diagnose the current state of the application of punishment. In Discipline & Punish Foucault suggests that punishment has moved from a focus on the body to that of the soul. Further, capital punishment has moved from an act of valor, to one in which the punishing party seeks to become opaque. That is, those who execute wish to alleviate themselves of the pressures and responsibility of the…...
Michel FoucaultPsychologyPunishment
The Interrelation of Sex to Power According to Michel Foucault
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Pages • 2
According to Foucault, the lack of discussion on the topic of sex characterizes it as a "repressive" topic--one that is viewed as taboo, nonexistent, and is often silenced, (pg. 6, second paragraph). Therefore, talking about sex would be an act of "deliberate transgression"--a way that people would act out against the authority figure (or whomever holds the power of repression). Violators of this repression would be subject to penal law, but only if one allowed him or herself to be,…...
Human SexualityMichel FoucaultPower
Summary Of Discipline
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Foucault himself worked in hospitals—or rather, on mental asylums—and has had first-hand experiences on the realities of life which could make them come into the arms of madness. In fact, he has written on such subject matter (Madness and Unreason: History of Madness in the Classical Age published in 1961) and his other various experiences have also been influenced by the things around him and his experiences: Foucault’s work can be traced to events in his present day.Essay Example on…...
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Carson McCullers’ first novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
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Pages • 12
Carson McCullers’ first novel, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, introduces the troubled lives of five principal characters in an unknown Deep South mill town in late 1930s. The writer described five characters as somehow freakish people with multiple identities: Singer is a deaf-mute Jew; Mick Kelly is a typical tomboy from a lower middleclass family; Jake Blount is an illiterate white; the black physician doctor Benedict Mady Copeland suffers from pulmonary tuberculosis when he was young; the boss of…...
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Power is Everywhere – Michael Foucault
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Pages • 12
  Michael Foucault (1926 - 1984) is widely held to be one of the most influential philosophers of the second half of the twentieth century. He achieved this status by offering an alternative 'currency' to the existing liberal and Marxist theories as well as the linguists-based structuralism of some of his contemporaries. His currency was that of power. In 1979 he asserted that "Power is everywhere: not because it embraces everything, but because it comes from everywhere.... Power is not…...
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