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Free essays on Jacques Derrida are academic papers that focus on the works and philosophical ideas of the French-Algerian philosopher Jacques Derrida. These essays provide insight into Derrida's theories on deconstruction, language, and meaning, and explore how his ideas have impacted various fields such as literature, politics, and culture. These essays discuss Derrida's influential literary and philosophical works, including "Of Grammatology," "Writing and Difference," and "The Gift of Death," and analyze the ways in which his ideas have been interpreted and applied in contemporary thought.
Technology’s Not to Blame for Stupidity by Goldberg
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Pages • 5
In David Theo Goldberg’s article “If Technology is Making Us Stupid, It’s Not Technology’s Fault,” he efficiently lets the audience know about how the effects that technology could have on the future generation’s education in a social environment. He presents prospected effects that can happen if the younger society gets too trapped within this system by conducting defined organization and adding unique comparisons. Through his article, Goldberg imparts rational arguments to persuade the audience to support his view. By using…...
Jacques Derrida
Movie Evolution
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Pages • 5
The first joint volume, Anti-Oedipus (1972), was a bestseller in France, a true success of the scandal, and placed Deleuze in the spotlight as a public intellectual. Then they wrote Kafka: Toward a Minor Literature (1975), followed by a book that, at least in the eyes of some, competes in Difference and Repetition for the title of Deleuze, “A Thousand Plateaus” (1980). The 1980s were a decade of independent works for Deleuze: “Francis Bacon: Logic of Sensation” (1981); “Cinema I:…...
Jacques Derrida
Nietzsche’s ‘Truth’ on Truth
Words • 864
Pages • 4
Epistemological philosophers began musing over the theory of knowledge several millennia ago and continue to do so presently. The works of Friedrich Nietzsche, Jacques Derrida, and Steven Ward each present separate, yet comparable approaches regarding the origin and definition of knowledge, as well as its correlation to truth, suggesting that knowledge is relative. The relativity of knowledge would imply that truth, too, is relative and therefore dependent upon simulated concepts that vary, not only across man but as Nietzsche implies,…...
Jacques Derrida
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Bipolar Opposition Paper Example
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Pages • 2
Bipolar Oppositions as stated by Betty Brown with regards to the deconstructions that are done by Cixous and Derrida are products of culture that are primarily based on conceptual contrasts. They are pair of terms that have been historically connected with Western culture. The members of the pair are regarded and believed as absolutes: the one is being valued and the other is devalued. Some of the bipolar oppositions that are mentioned by Brown are: male/female, good/evil, self/other, heaven/hell, culture/nature,…...
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