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A Critique of William Lyon Phelps’s Statement on the Relationship between Certainty and Belief
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I challenge William Lyon Phelps's statemenabouten the relationship between certainty and belief, because while Phelps claims having a belief in something can be sufficient motivation to do something, the fact that you simply believe in something, does not make it certain. Belief is a powerful motivator. We hear many stories about blind people climbing mountains, or paralyzed people completing triathlons. These events start with the belief that one can accomplish, “... those things that other people are certain are impossible.”…...
Bertrand Russell
A Discussion on Rene Descartes’ Theory on the Mind-Body Problem
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The Mind-Body Problem The topic of the mind-body problem starts with a well-known philosopher, Rene Descartes. Descartes proposes a theory with which many psychologists agree with also is the view known as common sense. Descartes answers no to the question, "Are we simply very complex parts of the physical world?” (Perry 239). Descartes explains that the mind is not part of the physical world at all. A continued explanation would be that physical things take up space, while our minds do not take…...
Bertrand Russell
The Proof of God’s Existence in Summa Theologica, a Book by Thomas Aquinas
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Pages • 6
In his work Summa Theologica, the 13th-century religious philosopher Saint Thomas Aquinas proposes his proof of the existence of God. He called this theory the Cosmological Argument. (Reichenbach 4.1) This argument consists of five distinct ways in which Aquinas proves the existence of the highest being who has the characteristics most would hold of a God. One of the most controversial of these ways is the Uncaused Cause Argument, which is his statement of God's existence as the “first cause”…...
Bertrand Russell
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The Life and Philosophies of Bertrand Russell
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Bertrand Arthur William Russell was born in Trelleck, Wales on May 18, 1872. He was a descendant of a prominent Whig family. His grandfather was Lord John Russell, who had twice served as Prime Minister under Queen Victoria. Bertrand was orphaned at the age of three and raised by his grandparents. He was educated in private schools and later at Trinity College, Cambridge. He earned degrees in mathematics and philosophy. Eventually, he taught at Cambridge. Russell was a philosopher, logician,…...
Bertrand Russell
Bertrand Russell’s Thoughts on the Value of Philosophy
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Pages • 5
At the beginning of class, the instructor asked what our thoughts were on philosophy; I said that philosophy is the discovery of life's meaning, and why things are there for a reason. Our very first reading was on the great philosopher; Bertrand Russell who addresses that "the value of philosophy” is equivalent to everyone “finding a way of escape” (p.xvi) Russell roughly gives his example by talking about the "Practical” men, he applies the "practical" men and comparing it to…...
Bertrand Russell
The Definition and Concept of Logic According to Philosophers John Dewey and Bertrand Russell
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Pages • 6
Logic. What is logic? The generally accepted definition, or the “popular conception,” states that logic is simply a set of rules for good, proper, or correct reasoning (the precise wording changes depending on who you're talking to, but you get the idea). On the surface, this is a grand description, it's enough to make us nod and feel that the issue is adequately tidied up. Upon analysis, however, we realize that this conception fails to hold up to much if…...
Bertrand Russell
Mrs Lyons
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Pages • 7
The folllowing sample essay on Mrs Lyons discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay's introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.The contrast of Mrs. Johnstone having several children but little money and Mrs. Lyons having no children but a lot of money is an important point put across by Russell. He is showing that despite her wealth, Mrs. Lyons, leads an empty life without children, especially with her husband being…...
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Bertrand Russell The Value Of Philosophy
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Pages • 5
This sample essay on Bertrand Russell The Value Of Philosophy provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.Rubric: Explain Russell’s take on the central value of philosophy. In the final part of your answer, provide a reasoned evaluation of some aspect of Russell’s defense of philosophical inquiry that includes some discussion of an example or two that you think illustrates the importance…...
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Willy Russell’s Play “Educating Rita”
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Pages • 12
Educating Rita is a play about a woman who is determined to get a liberal education which will open a full new life for her. Educating Rita was a play written by Willy Russell in 1985 and the play is set at a university in the North of England. There are many themes that run through the play including: Personal relationships, Educating, Contrasts and clashes of culture and Differences. Willy Russell was born in Liverpool from a working class background.…...
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