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Business Intelligence Research Paper Topics & Free Essay Examples

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Descriptive and Prescriptive Analytics

Question One Differentiate between Descriptive and Prescriptive Analytics. What types of tools/data are used in each of these analytics? Answer: Descriptive analytics Descriptive, that uses business intelligence and information mining to ask: What has happened?. Asking “What has happened?”, descriptive analytics mines data to produce trending data on past or current events that can offer…

Use of Analytics in Enhancing student performance in higher

Use of Analytics in Enhancing student performance in higher education institutes Authors : Sahil Sethi Mohit Bhola Address : LBSIM Dwarka, Delhi Contact no.: Sahil: 9810736679 Mohit:9650952323 Abstract This study collects and summarizes information on the use of learning analytics. It identifies how learning analytics has been used in the higher education sector, and the…

Business Intelligence Research Proposal

Business intelligence is the process of transformation of data into information, and information into knowledge, which can be used for the improvement of the competitiveness of the enterprise. The term “business intelligence” was introduced by the prominent researcher from IBM Hans Peter Luhn in 1958, who said that business intelligence is the ability to understand…

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Workable Business Intelligence

This essay sample on Workable Business Intelligence provides all necessary basic information on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay. Workable Plan to Improve Emotional Intelligence at Work Place Emotional Intelligence is one of the topics that gain popularity in business…

Zillow.com Case Study

Executive Summary Zillow.com is a website that helps people to find and share information about homes, real-estate and property. People who seek this information can use the website anonymously and for free. The databases span over 95% of the homes in USA. It provides historical and updated data on property through its operational database. The…


PERSONAL BUSINESS PLAN Project 3 GEN 220-501 FUNDAMENTALS OF INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP ZAYED UNIVERSITY STUDENT NAME: Shaikha Belaisha Saqer Bin Ghelaita AlmheiriSTUDENT ID: 201800038 Vision and Opportunity Vision statement: To be the most innovative, ambitious, passionate and hardworking Emirati businesswomen, that is known for her successes and the change she did in her country. To…

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