Influence of Business Analytics Tools

Presence of technological advancement in the IT industry has led to high demand for technology to improve business process performance. The need to improve the performance of business processes has resulted in the development, hiring, and implementation of numerous IT tools that have been used with different business processes and various levels of success. The main business processes that have been affected by the presence of technology include: finance where ERP systems are deployed to aid to improve performance in the section of finance as part of a business process in that the company can use the system to gather, store, interpret and manage data from company finance department.

Another business process is the human resource department processes where they use ERP systems to manage company employees. Also, presence of ERP systems has affected the student processes in relation to schools where students need to keep their records and personal information for faster access by the administration and the students themselves.

Management information and analysis business process performance if affected by business intelligence tools. Human resource and student processes are also affected by web based applications where they are used to manage personnel and student profiles. The web based systems enhance self-service amongst the company employee and students in that, they need no one to help them access their profile information other than internet accessibility, Absence of technology means all the business above processes will experience low performance, and that is not good for profit-oriented business. Thus, the company should strive to deploy technology in the business daily operations for better performance.

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Currently, compeLitiveness of a company depends on the level of technology in use within their business processes, thus, a company cannot be competitive while using traditional modes of production. For a company to compete well with their competitors, they must use new technology to produce quality products, manage employees, handle company data, market products online, and also sell their products on the internet in order to widen their market coverage.

Intuitively, model of communication within a business drastically changes with the use of technology compared to when technology was not used. Employees are encouraged to communicate amongst each other due to the presence of effective and reliable means of communication and better understanding of messages due to the presence of clarification. These happen the way colleagues‘ communication is near-instantaneous irrespective of their location with technology, video conferencing enables employees of a company who are scattered around the world hold efficient meeting and discuss on the business agendas. Also, technology is used as a marketing strategy such as social media and online networking in order to reach a wider market. Communication between employees within the business becomes faster in that there is no time wasted because they don‘t have to commute from one office to another thus high productivity. Use of technology enables communication to broader audience faster thus cutting communication overheads such as printing materials for memos, etc.

Barriers that affects communication between employees changes in that, introduction of technology reverses communication barriers. For instance, technology enables someone who could not hear to hear through the use of cochlear implants that restore the hearing of a person and people with walking challenges can walk with the aid of a walking robot. Also, physical barriers are eliminated. With the introduction of technology in business set up, an automated machine is developed that can understand what someone else is saying non-verbally. This is possible through effective computing and social signal processing where individttal behavioral cues are used as physical machine detectable evidence of emotions and social attitudes. Therefore, with technology, non-verbal communication such as emotions, intentions, feelings, vocalization, appearance etc can be detected using machines thus enabling management to act upon them in case an employee is not in the right mood for work. This is also helpfttl in building employee moral since their feeling and attitudes are always known thus acted upon which result in high performance and hence high production results.

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