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Essay Examples on Brave New World Paper

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1st Essay Sample on Brave New World

The Brave New World speaks of a world where material comfort and physical pleasure are the only concerns, where humans are not born but created and conditioned according a strict caste system developed by society. Imagine a culture where the concept of family is non-existent and the idea of aging, giving natural births and dying are their worse horror. How unrealistic one might think, yet so relevant to today’s notion of utopia. Who wouldn’t like to live in such a world, where happiness and comfort is only a pill away? While the concept may sound appealing, a world with no past is like having a world with no meaning. In the Brave New World history, religion and science are all regulated and banned.

Why? Because they stir up emotions, emotions ultimately lead to unhappiness, and unhappiness leads to instability. And in this book stability is the foundation by which these people exist. Social control is also a huge factor in this book. Humans are created into a social class. In other words they know before they are born their role in society, or they are taught through training.

Pavolian conditioning is evident in this book; Pavlov’s research concluded that animals can be taught an action through negative and positive reinforcement. The same idea is depicted in the book with humans. The Delta’s, for example, are taught to avoid books and roses through negative reinforcement, each time they approached either item they were shocked. Thus in this book the world controllers shaped humans the way they saw fit, the way they believed would maintain social stability. An interesting factor about the story is the time frame that it took place, A.F.

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632. A.F. meaning After Ford, named after Henry Ford who in his time revolutionized the way cars were built with his industrial machine, the Model-T.

2nd Essay Sample on Brave New World

Brave new world is an awesome book that talks about the perfect world or I should say they believe is perfect, which everyone imagine to live in, has no pain, no love, no family, no sickness, no argument, and nothing can make people feel or think. They use sleep teaching to give people morals, everyday they follow the patterns of controllers gave, make sure nobody will walk the right path and do what they have been told. All the citizens were born in the test tub and be collected bodies after they are dead, so no materials are wasted. Brave new world is not a dystopian, but no more than a man made prison. The perfect world in the book is only perfect in physical.

Everybody is happy because they are told to be and they have never experienced the process of unhappy, whenever whatever happened to them there is always soma in the pocket. You can watch movies with actual feelings, have sex with who ever you want medicines can make people always age young. It is always physical, but what about mental you will ask they give it all up for community, identity, and stability. Their minds have never been educated because arts had been eliminated, books were been thrown away, love had been forgotten, and every thing and every thing can make the brains work are not exist anymore. Because the controllers want the people to work by using hands but not minds, everyone is like a piece of meat, the controllers decided when to eat it and how to cook it.

That is what a body without his own will and his own soul like, just a piece of meat.The government and controllers play too much of a role. In order to maintain order in Brave New World, the Resident Controller must have complete authority over more than just the present; he must also have influence over the past. In order to be able to achieve this, he must be able to rewrite history. This gives rise to the famous quotation from Brave New World, “All history is bunk.

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