The Future of the World in George Orwell's 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

1984 and A Brave New World the authors explain how society is always evolving in a multitude of ways, and in ways that do not live up to the world’s standard. Postman goes into detail to explain how the two stories explore the fears of what our world may come to. In reality society has to accept that the world will change drastically eventually, just as it has changed for over hundreds of years in the past. Postman provided intriguing examples of how the societies are corrupt just like in Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World, and ultimately I have to agree with him.

We live in a society that we are more interested in what is on our phones then the written word of brilliant writers. Society would rather not ask in questions in fear of the answers given to them, we have become a world filled with sex, drugs, and money.

It’s a horrible reality but it is our reality, Postman states that people feared we would enter a world like 1984, books being kept from us, externally imposed oppression, truth would be concealed from us, and a captive culture.

In reality, we are living in Huxley’s world where teens would rather look at a TV screen then learn from their teachers, just having sex is easier than a relationship, and people do not ask questions in fear what they will be told. People in relationships are too scared to ask for more in fear that the person they love will hurt them, and they would rather be unsatisfied in a relationship then lose the person they love.

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People fall in love with drugs and alcohol that numb their pain, and people become greedy for money. Postman and Huxley are both right that in this world we are to absorbed in electronics that we forgot to enjoy the world, and that in the end the things we love will destroy us more than the things we hate.

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