An Analysis of Technology in Brave New World, a Novel by Aldous Huxley

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a satirical novel that revolves on Huxley’s personal opinion about the growth of technology. The novel’s theme addresses the influence of technology on society by changing the innate nature of humans into sin.

Huxley’s novel manifests a world heavily indulged by science and technology. Science and technology has overpowered humankind and governs the society. In fact, it has altered the way in which humans are reproduced! This is accomplished through the industrialised method of “the Bokanovsky process”, where children are cloned through the sperm of healthy donors.

Visual imagery in “a pale corpse-coloured rubber.” and “The overalls of the workers were white” connotes a sense of extreme hygiene precautions are placed during the reproduction process. This commitment has altered the perspective of humans as technology has changed people into obsessing over hygiene. Hygiene has become a priority for humans and dehumanised them of experiences.

The experience of feeling dirty are non-existent in this society and has converted them to being naïve of illnesses.

They have never experienced common colds which are essential in the progression of life. Without these experiences, they have been left powerless of the control they have over their lives. Science and technology are powerful in the society and ultimately shifted the life of the humans from it natural form.

Again, this notion is further explored in Huxley’s use of third person “we don’t want people to be attracted by old things. We want them to like the new ones”.

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demonstrating that humans have collectively agreed that owning the latest resources is far more valuable than owning the older resources. Here, technology has influenced people to have a materialistic mentality of life. They desire to have the many luxuries of life rather than own something meaningful. Technology devolved humans of feeling emotions and altered them into spending their life chasing meaningless goods.

Likewise, science and technology have pursued the life of the humans and controlled it into the state of dictatorial power. Power solely resides in science and technology and has overpowered the perception of humans and their value for meaning. In essence, science and technology have overpowered humans inside of Brave New World and altered them. Humans are powerless against this overarching power and obey it.

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