Brave New World Essay Topics

In Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World. Huxley creates a futuristic universe governed by conformance and entry to society. Citizens of this World State are conditioned to follow a set life style determined at birth in order to make a stable civilisation. However. there is still some signifier of individualism in each individual. specifically in the characters Bernard. Lenina. and Linda. Within each of these characters. their difference in personality does non suit the norms of society. and they hence try to stamp down their ain traits with alone methods such as haoma.

In times of unhappiness and desperation. Bernard. Lenina. and Linda each give up a portion of their ain individualism and political orientation. lodging to the conventions of the World State society which accordingly adds to their battle of seeking to suit in with the remainder of the universe. Looking at Bernard. his physical visual aspect sets him apart from being a normal Alpha: “Bernard’s build was barely better than that of the mean Gamma” ( 64 ) .

Along with his physical visual aspect. Bernard besides has the capableness to believe otherwise than most citizens of the World State.

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apparent on his day of the month with Lenina when he remarks about the sea: “It makes me experience as though. . as though I were more of me. . . Not merely a cell in the societal body” ( 90 ) .

Why Is The World State Society Different

However. despite his different physical and personality traits. he doesn’t exert his differences that would dispute the World State. For illustration. he strives to desire to be like Helmholtz. “wishing. . . that he could hold every bit many misss as Helmholtz did. ” alternatively of encompassing himself for who he is ; Bernard continually falls into conformance and attempts to follow an order than is non compatible with whom he is.

Alternatively of researching and oppugning the universe around him. he takes haoma as his signifier of suppression to seek to work out his jobs of suiting into society. When Bernard gets humiliated in forepart of the Arch-Community Songster. he chooses to take haoma which merely delays his job further and makes his status worst: “The poisoning of success had evaporated ; he was gravely his old ego. . . the old ego seemed unprecedentedly heavier than the environing atmosphere” ( 178 ) .

By puting aside his personal traits. he becomes another conformist to the conventions of World State. Similarly. Lenina possesses mental features that do non suit into the World State. Lenina tends to be in a relationship with merely one cat. instead than traveling out with many cats as conditioned by the World State. Once John comes to see the World State. Lenina instantly falls in love with him and can non halt believing about him. exposing human emotions that citizens should non hold in the World State.

Her human emotions are evident during the eventide when she waits for John to come out for the Arch-Community Songster: “ . . . she sat in a corner. cut off from those who surrounded her by an emotion which they did non portion. . . ” ( 173 ) . From her personality. Lenina is fit for a love that involves emotion and connexion. but Lenina decides to stay by her society and chooses to hold a love surrounding by blind sex and no feelings. Through this determination. she conforms to the norm. actively lending to the conditions of her society antonym of her true ego.

She goes farther to take haoma after John does non demo up for Bernard’s presentation. which. similar to Bernard’s haoma hole. merely prolongs her job: “But in the intervals I still like him. I shall ever wish him” ( 188 ) . Through her use of haoma. she follows the methods of the World State. throwing off her individualism and doing herself more hurt and struggle with her love personal businesss. Finally. Linda has alone features due to her life spent in the Savage Reservation and giving birth to her boy John. Linda. despite being conditioned to be horrified at the thought of holding a babe. still loves her boy John.

This is evident when John negotiations about his childhood experiences with Bernard. depicting the clip Linda was crushing up John: “He opened his eyes once more and saw that she was looking at him. He tried to smile at her. Suddenly she put her weaponries round him and kisses him once more and again” ( 127 ) . Since Linda has an emotional fond regard to John. she has a personality different from the other citizens of the World State Society. However. despite the motherly connexion that she could hold continued with John. she chooses to sell her life to the drug haoma.

When Lenina lays deceasing in the infirmary with John following to her. she unconsciously chooses her life of sex and haoma she used to hold over John: “She knew him for John. her boy. but fancied him an interloper into that paradisal Malpais where she had been passing her soma-holiday with Pope” ( 205 ) . In the really terminal. Linda suppresses her emotional love for John with haoma and goes back to the rules and pleasantries of the World State Society. Bernard. Lenina. and Linda all have alone features that set them apart from the regular citizens of the World State Society.

However. all three of them have unwittingly fallen into the conformances of the state’s maladaptive regulations. sooner taking to emanate the state’s values that do non suit their ain features. The World State’s guidelines and ordinances pull all the citizens of the World State. including Bernard. Lenina. and Linda. into one life style of life through a Domino consequence of conformance: the more people that conform. the more harder it is to defy the impulse to conform with them. Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World shows the annihilating effects of conformance – a force that strips off your single potency and individuality.

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