Macbeth And Brave New World Comparison

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Freedom and individuality are a important constituent of modern-day society. nevertheless there are many parts of the universe where these basic homo rights are non granted.

The deficiency of these basic rights are clearly demonstrated in the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and the drama Macbeth by William Shakespeare. The leaders of many societies are willing to give guiltless lives in order for society to work harmonizing to their visions.

Many leaders are willing to give the freedom of the people in order for society to run the manner they want. Furthermore. even the persons doing up the society are rather willing to give their psyches in order to populate in an fanciful universe. Equally long as they perceive felicity to be present they are really content to populate at that place.

To populate in the Utopian fanciful universes of Brave New World and Macbeth. freedom and individualism are frequently sacrificed.

Macbeth And Brave New World Comparison

Sacrifice is frequently a necessity when trying to make Utopian societies. However. these forfeits are non plenty to convert every person within the society. One of these persons is Bernard. who was traveling to be exiled to Iceland by the manager. because he does non believe in the society that persons after Ford believed in. Even though Bernard was conditioned when he was a kid.

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he could non accept what all the other persons believed. Unlike the other persons. Bernard has stunted growing and frequently felt isolated from the remainder of society. Further estranging Bernard from the remainder of society is his rejection of the promiscuous nature nowadays in his society.

He besides exhibits the assorted features of work forces who existed before Ford. Bernard Marx did non believe in the everyone belonged to everyone subject that was the norm in Fords society. The manager wanted to expatriate Bernard Marx because he did non believe in the society that the manager was implementing. However. Bernard felt strong plenty to run into and get the better of affliction. strong plenty to confront even Iceland. ( Huxley 106 ) . This outlook was one of the many factors which set Bernard apart from the remainder of society.

Another adult male who sets himself apart from society is Macbeth. He plots and succeeds in killing King Duncan after hearing the enchantress prognostications. Macbeths grounds for killing King Duncan are legion but most dramatic are greed and an grim desire to go King. He besides wants to do certain that he runs the state as he saw tantrum. Macbeth allows the prognostications to command him and his internal battle is demonstrated by: This supernatural soliciting Can non be badly ; can non be good: if sick why hath it given me earnest of success ( Shakespeare 27 ) . Despite his initial reluctance. he quiets his scruples taking to the barbarous slaying of King Duncan. I have done the title ( Shakespeare 70 ) . Both narratives show similarity between the Director and Macbeth. who are willing to give guiltless lives to obtain the society they want.

Desiring and accomplishing the society that is envisioned is ever paralleled with loss and some kind of forfeit. Bernard Marx sacrifices the small regard that he has by conveying John Savage back to the Utopian society. Bernard and John both want the society to be more independent. Fortunately for Bernard and unluckily for the manager. society accepts John and inquiries their ain life style. Bernard believes that life should be precisely the same as John wants it to be I dont want comfort. I want God. I want poesy. I want existent danger. I want freedom. I want goodness. I want wickedness. ( Huxley 237 ) Bernard took a immense hazard in conveying John back to his society because he was put on the lining definite expatriate to Iceland had society rejected John. Macbeth sacrifices his peace of head and self-respect by killing Banquo and seeking to kill Banquos boy Fleance. At the feast Macbeth makes a sap of himself by speaking to the fanciful shade of Banquo.

Blood hath been shed now. I the olden clip. Ere human legislative act purged the soft wale ; Ay. and since excessively. muders have been performed Too awful for the ear: the clip has been. That when the encephalons were out. the adult male would decease. And there an terminal: but now. they rise once more. With 20 mortal slayings on their Crowns. And push us from our stools: this is more unusual Than such a slaying is. ( Shakespeare 145 ) Many persons take note of Macbeths unusual behaviour taking them to surmise him of some disgusting title. Unfortunately for Macbeth. Macduff realizes that Macbeth is the true liquidator. This realisation leads to the eventual violent death of Macbeth. This illustrates Macbeths forfeit of his ego regard and his life in order to carry through his prognostication.

Many persons are willing to give their psyches in order to go portion of the fanciful universe where merely happiness exists. John Savages female parent. Linda. sacrifices her life by taking excessively much of a drug referred to as haoma. Linda wants to acquire off from the existent universe and come in a universe of felicity. Ever since she had a kid with the Director her life changed for the worse.

So the best people were rather determined non to see Linda. And Linda. for her portion. had no desire to see them. The return to civilisation was for her the return to soma. was the possibility of lying in bed and taking vacation after vacation. without of all time holding to come back to a concern or a tantrum of purging. without of all time being made to experience as you ever felt after peyotl. as though you’d done something so disgracefully anti-social that you could ne’er keep up your caput once more. Soma played none of these unpleasant fast ones. The vacation it gave was perfect and. if the forenoon after was disagreeable. it was so. non per se. but merely by comparing with the joys of the vacation. The redress was to do the vacation uninterrupted. Greedily she clamoured for of all time larger. of all time more frequent doses. Dr. Shaw at foremost demurred ; so allow her hold what she wanted. She took every bit much as 20 gms a twenty-four hours ( Huxley 107 ) Lenina introduces the drug to Linda every bit shortly as Linda enters the universe after Ford.

Linda looses her life and dies at the infirmary because of an overdose of haoma. the drug that is supposed to supply felicity. Lady Macbeth besides sacrifices her peace of head and finally her life so that Macbeth could be King. Lady Macbeth sets up the violent death of King Duncan at the beginning of the novel. Throughout the novel. Lady Macbeth becomes involved in many of the slayings committed by Macbeth. Unfortunately Lady Macbeth experiences a somnambulating unwellness with repeating incubuss of the slaying of King Duncan that could non be resolved. This disease is beyond my pattern: yet I have known those which have walked in their slumber who have died holily in their beds. ( Shakespeare 213 ) . The lives of Linda and Lady Macbeth can besides be viewed as victims of the Utopian societies envisioned by the manager and Macbeth.

Freedom and individualism are sacrificed throughout Brave New World and Macbeth in order to accomplish the societies envisioned by the manager and Macbeth. The manager tried to expatriate Bernard merely because Bernard did non accept the norm of the Utopian society. Macbeth kills King Duncan after hearing the witchs prognostications of him being King so that he can run society the manner he wants. Bernard sacrifices his regard by conveying John Savage back place. Macbeth besides sacrifices his regard when he talks to the shade of Banquo. Linda puts her psyche on the line with an overdose of a drug called haoma. Lady Macbeth besides sacrifices her life in order for Macbeth to be King of Scotland. Many persons throughout Brave New World and Macbeth sacrifice their freedom and individuality for the society that they believed in. even if it was non the society that was accepted by the bulk of people.


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