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A Poison Tree Analysis Essay
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POEM COMMENTARY A POISON TREE BY WILLIAM BLAKE A Poison Tree is a poem written by William Blake which is themed around hate, anger and revenge. The poem is basically a metaphor or a piece of pathetic fallacy wherein the speaker has ascribed his feelings and state of mind to the form of a tree. William Blake wrote a series of poems called Song of Experiences, which were a collection of texts in which he shows the human spirit when…...
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Poem 1-A Poison Tree (Conflict Poetry)
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Theme 1 that the poem uses? THEME- Anger-How we deal with angry is extremely important EVIDENCE/QUOTES- 'I was angry with my friend/I told my wrath, my wrath did not end' 'I was angry with my foe/I told it not, my wrath did grow' ANALYSIS- The first stanza deals with two different ways of dealing with anger and the two different outcomes that may occur as a result. Theme 2 that the poem uses? THEME- Deception-The speaker bottles things up and…...
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