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Victoria Park is a local park in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. This park is great park for the community including with the new editions. The park in its own way is very special. I say this due to the landscape. It has plenty of amenities including tennis courts, fields, a cookout area, horse shoe throwing pins, nature walking paths, and playgrounds including a handicap accessible playground.

Baseball/Softball Field

The park has two baseball fields. One is smaller than the other which helps separate adult league play from amateur league play.

There is also a parking lot for people to park their cars. In addition, there are scoreboards for both fields to help spectators keep track of the competition. The first field is the smaller field and the out field not too far away. The simple dugouts have metal fencing and wooden pipe benches. The dug outs’ roofing is made of simple green metal awning. Both of the fields also have metal stands along the sides of the fields as well behind the home plate.

Skate Park

Victoria’s skate park is a simple and functional park. The skate park can be easily accessed but is enclosed by a fence. It includes a cement-paved plot with ramps and rails installed. Also, the park contains moveable ramps. These ramps may require more than one person in order to move. I was surprised that the park does not have a supervisor, no first-aid kit or AED onsite. I believe an attendant, first-aid and AED are important in order for the park to be considered safe.

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The skate park also has a scoreboard with a timer that can be used by the public. It also nice lighting all around it. I was able to talk with a skater from the community who shared some insights on the skate park. The skater expressed he liked the thought of having moveable parts and wished there were more. He did share that when it rains, there are puddles throughout the park. He suggested that drains be added. He also told me safety is a concern. He wished there was someone there so if he ever got injured there would be someone there to help him.

Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are very nice. I went to the courts one day to meet with a friend and play a couple of matches. I wanted to do this so I can give my own personal experience of the courts and the sport itself. There are four courts inside one section and there are a total of two separate sections with 8 courts total. Playing on the courts were a lot of fun. The courts are very colorful with good and easy to see lines and kept up to par with cleanliness. The courts are regulation size courts. There is a building next to the courts that have bathrooms and water.

Handicap Accessible Park

This was the most exciting part of Victoria Park. The park was made specifically for handicapped people. The design of the base of the park are rubber tires making the ground have a some what bounce and soft texture. The ramps are very wide and accessible as well as the slides. There are other details like nets to climb on and extra ways and things to get into.

Children Playground

The children playground was nicer than expected. The playground had the same bouncy soft material for the kids. There were slides made of plastic and good amount of options to get into. There were seesaws and a tic tac toe roller part to play as well.

Picnic Area/ Horse Shoe Throwing Pits

The picnic area of the park are between the skate park and the playgrounds. The land is very spread out for a good amount of people. There are Bbq pits to cook food. There are picnic tables covered by a canopy as well. So there is place for fellowship and enjoy food outside of the sun. There are enough space for family and friends to throw a football. In a enclosed space big enough for 4 Horseshoe games to go at the same time.

Nature Walk

Lastly the nature was good to see becasue it gives you the feel of being outdoors in the woods without really being in the actual woods. Its nice brisk walk through the trail and takes you from one side of the park to another. The walk has a plethora of animals but nothing to be scared of other than bugs.


Victoria is a very nice park to have in the community. The communtiy deserves a park like Victoria Park becasue it has so much to offer. With having access to an baseball and softball fields for the community to play on is amazing. The park satifies many needs; It has access to a skate park to practice your craft or even to see if you like the sport in itself. When Victoria Park was created veryone was thought of to make this beautiful park. I also like the placement of the park it has an abundance amount of space and its a five minute walk from the boardwalk and beach. This park is lovely I cant stress that any further.

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