Prince Albert, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria

This was my first time at the North Carolina Art Museum, so the thought of it made my heart flutter and it was interesting. I was fortunate enough to appreciate such a work of art, created by many artists. I’ve seen so many pranks there. These masterpieces brought them into the world of imagination when we saw the works of art. I took the time to stop and admire the view of the art museum and building structure. Many people come to the art museum to appreciate the painting.

They have time to enjoy life.

The entire building of the museum gives the impression of being very peaceful and gives a feeling of serenity. The NC Art Museum consists of a modern building and an old building. We have a class in a modern building. We appreciated the drawings along with the explanations that helped us gain a deeper understanding of the history of art and appreciate the paintings. When we saw the paintings in the art museum, we took lessons with a camping chair, which is one of the interesting things.

One of the impressive merits of Kehinde Wiley’s drawing compared to other works in the exhibition.

The title of the draw: “Prince Albert, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria”. This drawing by Kehinde Wylie using oil on canvas for better color perception. His drawing is believable and realistic. I was shocked by this drawing by Kehinde Wiley, because especially the artists used black people to express the wonderful and the beautiful.

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Many types of painting use black people to express negative images, such as a kind of institution, color stripe, and segregation policies. But the same image of blacks expresses a beautiful and rather pleasant look. The background of this pattern is drawn using a tattoo pattern that conveys the emotions of black people well.

I think black people tattoo is used as background. It said the team turned the tattoo into art thanks to the Kehinde Wiley prank.

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Prince Albert, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria
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