Sustainability In The Peak District National Park Tourism Essay Example


The purpose of this study is to explicate how to develop sustainability in the Peak District National Park, Castleton ( PDP ) . The study will see chiefly and concentrate on the societal portion in peak territory national park, Castleton, and alterations that can be made. First of wholly, the study will state the reader some brief history of Peak District national park, Castleton ( PDP ) and so specify the term sustainable touristry and touristry development. Then secondly, the writer will present the demand that can be done to develop sustainable touristry in Castleton and how to advance sustainable touristry in the Peak District National Park in Castleton, the literature will so urge development that can be done in Castleton and decision will be drawn.

“ Castleton is an outstandingly pretty small town situated at the caput of the lovely Vale of Hope, in the bosom of the Derbyshire Peak District National Park. Castleton is surrounded on 3 sides by steep hills and the mighty majority of Mam Tor looms high, 2 stat mis to the north West of the small town.

On a hill, overlooking Castleton is the ancient Peveril Castle ” Sustainable touristry can be defined as “ ‘Sustainable touristry ‘ is merely sustainable development achieved through touristry. Sustainable development is economic development that takes a long-run position. It balances the benefits of economic development against environmental and societal costs ” (, 2010 ) .

Body Paragraphs

Sustainable touristry nastily focuses on the environment, societal and environment values. However, to accomplish sustainable development in the peak territory national park Castleton, ( PDP ) the community has to affect in the partnership.

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Harmonizing to Sinclair ( 2003:404 ) define as “ sustainable development is expected to run into the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevals to run into their ain demands ” . Sustainability is chiefly focused so that development is positive for the local people, the visitants and touristry companies. To advance touristry in Peak District National Park, Castleton they have to hold more events, activities and exhibitions by making that it will pull more visitants as it used to make. For illustration the Garland festival and the Oak apple twenty-four hours which runs every twelvemonth attracts visitants to Castleton. Castleton has to construct more cafe bars for the local people and visitants themselves.

These festivals attract more visitants to Castleton and it helps better the economic system impact and besides makes the attractive force really popular. In 2001, the population in Castleton was around 1,200 ( visit, 2010 ) . Because visitants visit different or several Parkss so Castleton needs to convey more activities so that the finish can be sustainable. However, the communities do non hold to destruct the wild life in the country with hike and walking in the country. In the other manus, the community has proctor and step the sustainable touristry in the country. Harmonizing to the Miller and Ward ( 2005:177 ) stated that “ since 1993, the WTO has organized sustainable touristry monitoring pilot undertakings in different parts of the universe where WTO advisers have worked together with national and local touristry direction to develop indexs for peculiar sites ” .

Attraction in Castleton

Castleton has local attractive force, for illustration the Peveril, Castleton palace and more. The Castleton palace do non pull more visitants because it needs more betterment and development for it to pull more tourer and visitants. Peak territory national park, Castleton ( pdp ) . Castleton is a topographic point where it suite all sort of demands and people, for illustration, Education Old people John walkers Peoples who wish to remain nightlong Hikers Peveril Castle from across Cave Dale, with Mam Tor Beginning from: visit Castleton The above image nevertheless shows the local attractive force in the Peak District National Park, Castleton ( pdp ) . The palace in Castleton needs more betterment. In other manus, it will pull more visitants from the nearer villages or towns like for illustration, Edale, Buxton, bakewell and many more. By making so, it will pull occupations for the local communities.

Conveyance in Castleton

Castleton lies at the western terminal of the Hope Valley in the Peak District National Park, mid-way between Manchester and Sheffield. Transport in Castleton is dependable. Hope railroad station is 3km from the Centre of Castleton is served by the Manchester – Sheffield railroad line with direct trains to both metropoliss, plus connexions to the remainder of the railroad system.

Beginning from Castleton

Improvement in Castleton

The local people and visitants in the communities has to take attention with the by non falsifying the wild life in the country. Harmonizing to Shaw and Williams ( 2004:182 ) suggested that to prolong touristry the followers can be look at: To run with engagement and consent of local communities, which of class links straight with the thoughts of communities engagement Be in place to portion net income ‘fairly ‘ with the local community Involve communities than persons.

Promoting touristry in Castleton

Harmonizing to Waugh ( 2002 ) said that “ national park must besides further the economic and societal good being of the local communities. They are besides required to prosecute a policy of sustainable development by which they must take to better the quality of people ‘s lives without destructing the environment ” ( model 16, p499 ) . To advance touristry in Castleton the community has to lend in the activities that has been brought and are taking topographic point. By making so it besides creates occupations for the local people in the town or metropolis. The publicity has to be besides enjoyed the qualities by the local communities and the visitants ” . The local people have participated in touristry developments. Harmonizing to Ottinger et Al ( 2005 ) suggested that to advance touristry in a certain countries the followers has to be done: “ It enhances International Corporation, foreign direct investing and partnerships with both private and public sectors, at all degrees. Develop plans, including instruction and preparation plan that encourage people to take part in eco- touristry to enable autochthonal and local communities to develop and profit from eco- touristry and enhance stakeholder ‘s cooperation in touristry development ” .

Number people who visit the peak territory national park, Castleton

There are many people or visitants who visit the peak territory national park, Castleton, every twelvemonth.

Lower Derwent ( inc Chatsworth ) 3,120,000 4 33 Wye Valley ( inc. Bakewell ) 2,560,000 11 18 Hope Valley ( inc. Castleton ) 2,220,000 8 15 Dove & Manifold Valleys 2,050,000 21 9 Upper derwent 1,240,000 13 6 Beginning from: the peak territory national park.


The application of the literature suggests that the local community has to lend to prolong touristry in peak territory national extremum, Castleton ( pdp ) . The application of literature suggest that the local people has to maintain the environment clean so that it does non harm the wild life The application of the literature suggest that the local people and the visitants has to utilize public conveyance or walk to take down the air pollution The application of the literature suggests that visitants have to hold to command their pets or animate being when they visit the peak territory national park, Castleton.

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