Thorpe Park Marketing Mix

Ml- Compare the marketing techniques used by the two organizations. Comment on the advantages and disadvantages of each. Thorpe Park Thorpe park use many different way of promoting Its self’s. The way that Thorpe Park promotes its self is very clever and reaches out to a certain audience of people. For MI I will be looking at the different ways that Thorpe park and compare that market promote their self’s and the products. Promotion Technique There are servile techniques that Thorpe Park uses so they can attract more people to the park and overall make a bigger profit.

A big way that Thorpe Park promotes its self on the internet. The way that it does this is through social media and adverts that pop up on places like Youth before a video and pop that appear on websites. There are section times that Thorpe park promotes its self-more. The main times are when the school holidays start and a couple of days before.

This is due to the fact that Thorpe parks mall audience Is a range of kids/ students ranged from 13-21. At the moment the big thing that Thorpe Park Is promoting Is the fright nights. They have two weeks of radio ads, on radio stations Like and KISS. Also

Thorpe Park Promotion

Thorpe Park has ads in newspapers like the Sun and other local papers. Thorpe Park promotes its self the most when a new ride is being built and when it’s officially launched. Place technique Thorpe Park is placed very well and its location is key to its success.

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Being centre of everything is very for getting huge amounts of customers a year and provides people to come to the park that live all over the I-J. As you can see form the map the big road the MOM and the MM are very close to Thorpe Park, theses road go all round the UK and It’s very easy driving once you get on these roads, so this attracts more customs to Thorpe Park.

It’s hard to place the roller coasters as Thorpe Park has limited land. Also It’s hard to get planning promotion. Planning promotion Is a very big thing at the moment, because It’s getting harder and harder to get the planning promotion to build the new rides. Product After Sales Service Thorpe Park provides an After Sales Service, this is very important to some customers provoking teen Walt security when Dulling a product. Ensuring satisfaction – Thorpe Park use exit questionnaires and other research methods to measure customer satisfaction.

Services – many guests regrettably lose personal items out of their pockets. Guest services then have the difficult responsibility of matching the reported lost items with the recovered property from in the ride areas. Last season Thorpe Park recovered nearly 2000 items, and returned nearly 25%. Deal with complaints – Thorpe Park respond in writing to any complaints that need following up, or in reply to letters, phone calls or emails within 7 days of receiving the initial complaint. The main service is that Thorpe Park is an entertainer, and provides assure for different age groups.

The product life cycle The product life cycle of the roller coasters are very long and when it’s getting old they staff will revamp the roller coasters so they are looking new again. So the product never really runs out unless the roller coaster gets knocked down to build a new one. Some of the roller coaster has been at Thorpe Park for 20 years or so. The roller coasters take a lot of where, but they never fully break because they always gets an annually services, and gets repairs from there. USPS The USPS for Thorpe park is the angry birds land.

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