Ecotourism Of Jim Corbett National Park Tourism Essay

Jim Corbett national park is one of the beautiful topographic points for touristry. It is situated in Utterakhand province which was late formed as a new province from the northern portion of the Utter Pradesh ( which is in India ) . This national park is precisely located at down portion of Himalayas surrounded by territories of Nainital, Pauri, Garhwal, Almora and Bijnore. This park covered an country about 1300 which is included about of cardinal parkt of the metropolis and 800 sq.

km of defense mechanism country. The cardinal country is formed as a national park and the defense mechanism country is formed as Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and reserve forest.

The Parkss have sub-Himalayan belt geographical and ecological features. This nark will come under ECOTOURISM in which this park was formed by 488 different species of different workss and it besides has dissimilar assortments of zoology. Due to increase of visitants and some other job, this park has faced serious challenge for their ecological balance.

In the twelvemonth of 1957 the park runs from side to side to the river. In the same twelvemonth this park was once more given name as a CORBETT NATIONAL PARK. Jim Corbett National Park after the carnival it have turned as a huntsman conservationist who was silent likely the occupants country of adult male and animate beings, better than anyone else and he helped so much for puting up the boundaries of park. Almost all were based on his country.

In the twelvemonth of 1970 after understanding dawn upon the state loss of the Indian tiger is a definite hazard and one more undertaking was introduced at the forest remainder house that is ‘Dhikala ‘ on April 1st 1973.

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There is no looking back for Corbett national park, there is good thought-out as one premier countrywide park of the state which is considered.

Jim Corbett show popular about bravery at infinite hiting adult male in feeder leopards and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams. He followed a purely a aureate regulation where he was refused to kill. Jim Corbett has adult male -eaters ( 1944 ) rudraprayag of leopard and the tiger of temple kumaon of man- feeders ( 1954 ) .

However he possibly fame to greatest claim for Jim Corbett lies on the Corbett National Park, It is one of the most tourist of import finish of Indian.

Corbett national park is famed for its wealth and different species of its wildlife which is included with 50 species of mammals and more than 580 species of birds. This park is safety topographic point for animate beings such as Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams, Indian elephants, wild Canis familiariss, leopard cats, Indian scaly anteater and pig cervid. This is placed in terai of Uttarakhand but now we can seldom seen exterior of this park. This terai ( damp land ) topographic point is formed by boggy jungle and grassland which is extended in between the pes hills of Himalayas and Indian plaind

The Ram-ganga River is a footing of attractive to legion winter traveler birds. A figure of high highs above sea degree birds besides visit the Corbett national park at winter clip. With tallness of Corbett national park scope from 400 metres to 1,200 metres above sea degree and there is a rich choice of environment. Almost 73 % of the park is covered by thick moist deciduous wood with a bulk of sal trees go together with haldu, pipul, rohini and Mangifera indica trees. 10 % of the nucleus country is covered by a aggregation of grasslands in the vale

Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari are located in Jim Corbett national park. Jeep Safari and elephant campaign is a topographic point of aggregation of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams, wild elephants and it is a good topographic point for the visitants. The best manner of screening of this park is jeep and elephant back. This elephant campaign will demo the deep wood ( natural forest position ) and closer to the wildlife without frightening the animate beings off. Generally visitants can detect wildlife at Corbett national park contains the patched cervid, wild Sus scrofas, sambur, barking cervid, Macaca mulatta macaques, langur monkeys, Inachis ios and herds of wild elephants. Corbett national park in India is a Eden for birdwatchers, control over 580 different species of birds. On petition visitants can besides acquire clasp of normally found list of the birds and mammals in Corbett national park.





Corbett national park is an old national park which is located on the Indian sub-continent which is set up in August 1936. In the beginning this park was called the Hailey national park after that authorities of arrant Pradesh is named as Sir Malcolm Hailey. After independency this park was renamed the Ram-ganga national park. In 1957 this park was given name as Corbett national park in recollection of the celebrated huntsman and ecologist. At that clip he has taken the responsible for grade out the park boundaries and he have helped in puting up the Corbett national park.

Dhikala in Corbett national park have the difference of being the scene. In 1974 for the launch of Project Tiger, India ‘s ambitious preservation plan to salvage the tiger and its home ground. The creative activity of 9 tiger militias, including Corbett national park, was announced. In 1972, India ‘s tiger population had fallen to an all clip low of 1,800. A 1993 nose count suggests that India ‘s tiger population stands at 3,750.


Corbett national park in India is a of import undertaking, in which the regulations of protection are to be firmly followed by visitant, park workers and the Kumauni villagers ( who live merely outside the Corbett national park ) and this made easy for the ground that is a park much-loved of all who visit. The hygienic river ramganga is the populating beginning of the Corbett national park. The workss at Corbett national park is thick assorted deciduous with a broad choice of trees including the expansive sal, and creepers, bushs, bamboos and grasses.

It is a beautiful perfect park, the air full of lemony aromas and outlook. This will come in with modestness, meaningful that you are in a famous person else ‘s house. Corbett national park is a brilliant lesson in biodiversity. Morning smog over the river bluish skies with idle clouds, bird vocals speckled sunlight pointed aroma a crunch in the grass.

In the twelvemonth of 1820 a Private belongings of local swayers before being taken over by the British Raj.

In the twelvemonth of 1858 the British swayers have provided the protection to this park

In 1879 this wood is declared as a reserved wood.

In between 1900-1910 Jim Corbett leads shikar parties and putting to deaths two maneaters.

In 1910 Jim Corbett gives up killing as mere athletics and becomes the Jesus of the villagers, presenting them from maneaters.

In 1934 The Park is declared a National Park and Corbett helps call the boundaries.

1n 1957 after the decease of Jim Corbett, the Park is renamed in honor of his memory.

In feb 1974 tiger undertaking was introduced.

In the twelvemonth of 1986 Corbett National Park celebrates its Golden Jubilee.

In the twelvemonth of 1996 staff of this park Celebrated Diamond Jubilee of its being as Corbett National Park.

At 9th November 2000 this park have became as a portion of uttarakahand province.

In 2010 this undertaking have became as a international undertaking


Due to the limited old research on Jim Corbett national park in touristry, this survey takes a probationary attack. The method selected is qualitative, in the signifier of questionnaire interviews. The in-depth interviews will be undertaken by the visitants of Jim Corbett national park.

There are figure of techniques used in ciphering the. I intend to utilize the short method proposed by Based on Zeithaml et Al. ( 1988 ) .

The information for measuring of the countries mentioned supra will come from secondary informations ( Newspaper, Journals, and Media etc. ) .


The information for this analysis will come from informations of the INDIA touristry board, articles from newspapers, World Wide Web, diaries and media.A The research worker will pull on the following plants to help with these measurings.

Some books have published on Jim Corbett national park as mentioned below

Cannibals of Kumaon.

The Temple Tiger and More Cannibals of Kumaon.

Jungle Lore.

The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag.

What is Ecotourism?

By and large ecotourism means making of small environmental impact likely and assisting to prolong

Natural topographic points encourage the defense mechanism of wildlife and home grounds when the visitants are sing this topographic point. The duty of development of ecotourism is taken by the touristry and touristry development sectors, in which it will promote the natural life of life facets and it is besides the key to sustainable ecological development.

Nowadays the “ Green Laws ” of saving are doing people cognizant of how adult male and the environment can populate symbiotically for more clip to come and ecotourism is the lone manner makes best usage of the economic, environmental and societal benefits of touristry.

Every individual is stakeholder in this procedure and we clearly need to avoid our long-ago restriction and harmful impact that they cover.

Ecotourism of Jim Corbett national park

The chief aim of ecotourism is to concentrate on the protection of wildlife and the modesty direction.

In the twelvemonth of 1993 ecotourism direction have started developing for staff which covers history of Jim Corbett National Park, visitant direction and park naturalists.

In 1995 they have recruited more ushers to make the clients need and to make the good selling. This undertaking allowed the staff to steer the travellers about the activities of the direction. After a long clip the authorities of India have organized several workshops on ecotourism in Corbett national park in which to develop their surrounding parts. This park is remain protected my Garhwali part.

In the twelvemonth of 1995 Riley have said that best opportunities of screening of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams is to come tardily in the dry season that is in between the months of April to mid of June and elephants can be seen in any twenty-four hours

In the twelvemonth of 1997 tiwari and josh have said that in between the months of April – June this topographic point is best for the Indian tourers and they have recommended in between the months of November – January for the foreign tourers.

In the twelvemonth of 1991 this park have covered 3237 tourer vehicles which is transporting about 47,215 visitants during the touristry seasons between 15th November-15th June. The chief construct of Jim Corbett National Park will demo the natural ecotourism. Excessive trample of dirt due to tourist force per unit area has led to cut down of works species and has besides consequences in cut downing of dirt wet.

Majority of visitants have used the wood as a fuel for cooking normally this fuel is obtained from nearby woods which is resulted great force per unit area on forest ecosystem of the park and visitants have got so many jobs by doing noise, littering.

In the twelvemonth of 2007 immature photographer Mr. Kahini Ghosh Mehta have taken a challenge for advancing healthy touristry about Corbett national park and he is the individual who have made first clip travel usher on Corbett.

The first movie which is named wild saga of Corbett has provided the information about needed by a tourer before when they are be aftering to see a park and they have collected the tips from the senior park functionary, nature ushers and naturalists. At the present clip visitants can acquire a DVD ‘s transcript of this movie from the bombay natural history society ( BNHS )

Good Points about Corbett National Park

Fine-looking topographic point with rich scope of wildlife, including tiger and elephant.

Jeep campaign and Elephant safaris which will let wildlife to be seen nearby and are great merriment.

Reasonably easy to travel to Corbett for the ground that of the forenoon and overnight train between Delhi and Ramnagar.

Bad Points about Corbett National Park

Highly accepted by tourers, for that ground it was high demand for jeep campaign and elephant campaign and often exceed handiness.

Corbett Forest Rest House and Hotel in Corbett National Park are limited, advisable to do engagement, before you go Corbett National Park.


There are two sorts of hypothesis in this statement. One can directional hypothesis as in saving of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams is the most of import facet of Jim Corbett national park and the other can be non directional hypothesis as in there is a relationship between preservation of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams and Jim Corbett park as a portion of environmental touristry.

Aims of the research:

The primary aim of this is to happen out the advantages of transporting out undertaking tiget in jim cabert national park as a portion of environmental touristry. Flora and zoologies are the best illustrations and known for their protection undertaking of undertaking on tiger undertaking.

Some of the inquiries have been addressed

What are the major strategies undertaken for advancement of the tiger modesty undertaking?

How this Project Tiger assist develop the touristry sector in Jim Corbett Park?

What are the authorities enterprises for the development of touristry in Jim Corbett Park?

This instance survey will besides be presented to place the benefits of tiger undertaking for touristry relates activities


Both qualitative and quantitative analysis will be used. For the quantitative analysis, descriptive statistics such as mean, standard divergence, and per centums will be utilised. A questionnaire utilizing the Liker graduated table will be used to mensurate attitudes.

Statistical informations will be used to show the findings. Systematic bite and comparing of the assorted informations from the different beginnings will be made. The research worker programs to utilize the semi-structured interview to obtain information about the attitude of the stakeholders. Jankowicz ( 2005 ) claim that the semi-structured interview is an effectual research technique as it assist in cut downing prejudice. A checklist based on a literature reappraisal will be formulated by the research worker to build the inquiries for these interviews. Contented analysis will be used to measure the information from those interviews.

Time Line

I started my MSc. International Tourism class in September 2008 and will complete by November 2009.

June 2009 – Tutorial ( proposal treatment with coach )

July 2009 – Literature Reappraisal

August 2009 – Concept research instruments ( semi structured interview and questionnaire )

August 2009- Complete literature reappraisal, Pilot trial instruments, Tutorial

September 2009 – Reappraisal and rewrite instruments

September 2009 – Analysis of findings, Archival research, Tutorial

October 2009 – Behavior interviews and administer questionnaire

October – 2009 Analyse informations, Tutorial

November – Present concluding thesis.


Chapter One – Introduction

Background of the survey

Importance of the survey

Definition of footings

Conceptual Frame work

Chapter Two – Reappraisal of literature

Chapter Three – Methodology

Introduction to Research Methodology

Survey design and disposal

Survey methods

Research restrictions

Chapter Four – Data Analysis and Consequences

Introduction to Data Analysis and Results

Chapter Five – Discussion and Findingss

Introduction to treatment


Chapter Six Decision

Decisions Introduction

Key issues emerged

Scope for farther research and restriction



Anticipated acquisition

After decision of the class I would wish to travel back abode and I like to help the staff in Jim Corbett national park. I consider that this survey will offer me with some of the necessary tools and knowledge that required doing a valuable part to the hereafter research conducted by the Hospitality Industry.

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