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Ecotourism is a modern form of recreation in nature, providing an unstable using of nature and sustainable development of natural areas.

 Ecotourism Research Topics

Thus, ecotourism is not only a kind of nature-based tourism, which brings together people who are traveling with the purpose of the scientific and cognitive studying of surrounding natural and cultural environment, but also the opportunity to be an active defender of the environment. World practice of ecotourism has proven that it is economically and environmentally verified business model, which lets preserve nature more successful than other types of economic activity or severe restrictions on recreation.

Today, ecotourism is a journey into the untouched corners of nature, some alternative form of relaxation and recreation oriented towards new values, especially to the close contact with nature. Yet there are many definitions proposed to identify the essence of the concept of “ecotourism.”

The reasons for the growing interest in ecotourism is sustainable environmental deterioration. And as the future trend of urbanization and pollution of natural areas will increase, the growing interest in ecotourism will increase.

The main advantages of ecotourism ensuring its rapid development in the modern world is a sustainable development of the areas used for ecotourism, environmental nature of the ecotourism programs and technologies, the use of market mechanisms to form environmental outlook of the population.

Moreover, the high attractiveness of ecotourism is explained by unique and exotic natural objects and phenomena that are conserved only in protected areas. For example, 48% of tourists arriving in Latin America are intended to travel to wildlife reserves.

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The management of many national parks, wildlife reserves makes ecological excursions into the real show. An example would be the Yellowstone National Park in the United States, where the duration of excursions is designed to minutes and associated with periods of geysers activity. Very often, such natural sites shows, especially those in caves, are accompanied by color lighting, music, theatrical performances, demonstrating scenes from the lives of Aboriginal people. This kind of ecotourism is most developed in Australia, so it is identified with the Australian model ecotourism.

Our planet has a huge tourism and recreational potential for the development of highly profitable and promising industry – tourism industry. The most attractive targets for ecotourism in the first place are unique natural features (waterfalls, cliffs, canyons, geysers, caves), rare and exotic fauna and flora, highly aesthetic natural and cultural landscapes, objects, natural and historical heritage.

Economic and social benefits that ecotourism provides are immense. These include increased economic stability of the territories involved in recreational use by creating new jobs and bringing into the service the local population, improving its living standards and reduce social tensions, etc.

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