Symbiotic Relationship in Finding Forrester

In the Film Finding Forester’ the two main characters, Jamal Wallace and William Forester developed a ‘symbiotic relationship’. Or in another word they give one another something they both dreadfully need. Jamal and forester are both unlikely friends, and in a way, they are rather heroic to one another. Forester gave Jamal a few writing lessons as well as life lessons.

Jamal shared a few lessons of his own. Williams’s greatest lesson from his time spent with Jamal is to share his work.

From the time that his book had been published to the time that he had been acquainted with Jamal, he had years of writing put away to gather nothing but dust. He refused for his work to leave his apartment. When Jamal turns in that piece of writing that had gotten him in trouble it had put William’s work out there, and showed him that sharing his writing was something he could do. Jamal also Taught Forester to stop holding on to the past and to let go and live in the now. Jamal helped William gain confidence, not only in himself but in others as well.

Jamal is an extraordinary writer. He is also very intelligent. He loves to read and write and when he is acquainted with Mr. forester it was a wonderful opportunity to get more enhanced with his writing. Expecting to only learn lessons in writing Jamal walked away wiser in more ways than one. William teaches Jamal the importance of integrity.

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Jamal shows this when he agrees to keep his friendship with the forester a secret. William also teaches Jamal how to link writing to life.

The Lessons that are given to the old to learn from the young may be rare and unexpected but when given they are memorable and meaningful. Although the lessons for the old are the ones that you carry forever.

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