Finding Nemo Disney Children Movie Analysis

In his journey Memo learns not to lack self confidence because he has disability swimming with a tiny fin, and how much his father’s advice and protection really is a value to his life. Even with the deep message the movie was very funny and compelling. The movie takes place in the ocean near Australia. The graphic in this movie really makes the screen look kind of like a fish tank. Marlin, Memo’s father, is over protective of his son because his wife and all of Memo’s siblings were killed by a shark when Memo was Just an egg.

On Memo’s first day of school he Is anxious to get out and explore the ocean and have some independence from his overprotective father. In his attempt to prove to his father he can go out In the ocean alone, and to prove to his classmates that he Is Just as good a swimmer as they are, despite his one tiny fin he swims out to a boat.

HIS father yells for him to come back but Memo gets fished out of the water by the people on the boat. In Marlin’s quest to find his son he meets Dory, a fish with short term memory. She explained herself by saying, “l suffer from short term memory loss.

Ring Of Fire and Character Development in Nemo

It runs in my family… At least I think it does… Where are they? ” They run into sharks and many obstacles while making the trip to Sydney.

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The movie made Marlin get over his fear of sharks in a comical way, by having Marlin and Dory chased down by a shark and then brought to a support group for sharks. Marlin and Dory were so busy only knowing that sharks eat fish that they didn’t realize that all these sharks wanted were to be rehabilitated. Ironically, when they meet them they were very shocked to see the sharks In unison say, “l am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine.

If I am to change this Image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food” which they said at their weekly meeting. Memo, meanwhile, is put in a fish tank of a dentist is Sidney where he meets the world of pet flash, and realizes he desperately wants to go back to the ocean with his father. Memo meets a new world full of weird different fish who only know the life in a tank. Memo convinces them to help him find his father, but he must first Join their club. His initiation was to swim through a ring of bubbles they call “The Ring of Fire”, which he did.

However, Memo comes up with a plan; the pet fish then get out of the fish tank and make it to the ocean where they are finally free. Meanwhile, Marlin becomes stressed trying to find Memo and starts to give up and tells Dory to leave him alone. Therefore, Dory leaves and Ironically after being pushed away becomes the hero by accidentally finding Memo soon after their argument. The best character In the film was the turtle. The film associated the ocean to the free outside life, and the fish tank to a mental hospital.

The turtles themselves were funny but so was Dory. The fish in the tank had unusual habits, like being afraid AT ten tank decoration meal Witt tenet aisle to De In ten ocean Tanat resulted In failed attempts which gave the film its laughter. Dory’s character because of her short term memory would sometimes be ditsy making the stressed out scenes with Marlin less tense and more comical. Impulsively almost, Dory quotes “Uh… The sea monkeys have my money… Yes, I’m a natural blue… ” Stating to herself in a dreamy state.

There was no worst scene for this movie because it kept you entertained all the way through with either suspenseful shark chases or run-ins with Jelly fish, to the comedic remarks of Dory, and the fish in the tank. The movie, all in all, had great graphics and comedy for all ages. The realism makes the film more appealing to the eye and the comedians who serve as voices for the characters do not disappoint even with it being a kid’s film. The only down fall to the movie was the sad part where Memo’s mother dies and when father and son are separated.

It is a movie that any kid can relate to that is self conscious, and needs to be brave no matter what happens. Its light hearted commentary keeps you amused all 101 minutes. While Kevin Carr says “it is a good film, however, that it does open with Marlin’s wife and 400 eggs being devoured off screen by a barracuda- isn’t exactly the most up lifting moment in a Disney film, (Kevin Carr Paragraph 2) well I oppose. I sense that the film had a great beginning appropriate for any audience to become psychologically involved with the film.

Kevin Carr also verbalizes, “Albert Brooks, who plays the stock character of a neurotic father, does a decent Job as the voice of Marlin. However, by the end of the film, he gets rather annoying by the end of the movie, (Kevin Carr Paragraph 4). They only character that I found to become quite annoying was Dory. Marlin being a good father Just wanted to get his son back. Kevin Carr also mentions that there was so much detail in the movie under water that it didn’t make the film seem real to him, since it was so noticeable how the blurred some things and focused other parts throughout the movie.

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