Finding Forrester Bmw

Often times humans place a name on something or someone. This can be called judging someone, but it can also be called putting someone in a stereotype. For instance, many people that see a person walking down the street with dirty clothes and picking up cans would automatically be homeless. This could be one of the wealthiest people in that area for all anyone knows. Assuming someone is anything that they are not is stereotyping. The movie, Finding Forester uses all kinds of stereotypes from the characters that are in the movie.

The main character Jamal gets stereotyped because he plays basketball and grew up in the Bronx, yet Jamal also uses stereotypes and judges others.

Jamal has a rough time from being judged at his new school Mailor. Jamal was an intelligent student that made average grades so he could fit in with all of his friends, but on his test, his scores were so high that Mailor gave him a full scholarship to go to their school.

Jamal had a paper that was due and he finished that night. It turned out great and Professor Crawford felt that the paper was too good for Jamal to write. Professor Crawford didn’t believe in Jamal because he was a great basketball player, and he thought that was all he cared about.

The Forester Movie

Going to a city like the Bronx is known to be a dangerous environment to be around. The delivery man for William Forrester is dropping some things off for him because he does not get out the house anymore.

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Later, Jamal came up to him, and the delivery man immediately locks his doors thinking that Jamal was about to steal his car because he was a black man from the Bronx and he walking his way. Jamal, on the other hand, says “ I’m not about to steal your car.” Little did he know Jamal feeds him with knowledge about his BMW. The delivery man also didn’t expect him to know anything about the car.

Going to a new school can be very challenging, especially when people assume things about you. Assuming that you come f…

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