Growing Up and Finding Your Identity

In Our Time: Growing Up and Finding Your Identity

If life was like the plot of a book, growing up would be the rising action. Growing up involves searching for identity. Growing up and finding your identity makes up who you are as a person. These ideas are a consistent theme in “The Bear”, In Our Time, and A River Runs Through It. Growing up involves understanding the mystery of life. One must realize where they came from and where they are headed.

That they were born and one day will die. As In the Indian Camp by Ernest Hemingway, Nick Adams at a young age witnessed both birth and death in a short period of time for the first time.

Though he id not quite understand death, he was exposed to it and that aided In the process of growing up. However, as life went on and he continued to grow up, he was sent off to war and experienced death in a greater aspect.

Nick returned more familiar with tragedies. He also returned with a sense of masculinity. This masculinity Is also part of Nick’s search for identity as he grows up. As someone enters their state of manhood, they gain the quality of traditional adult manly qualities or male maturity. Manhood and womanhood are stages in growing up that create who you as an individual.

While Growing Up Essay

Finding your identity is to know your likes and dislikes. You’re not afraid to be who you are around others.

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As in the movie A River Runs Through It, Paul found his identity as a risk taker who wasn’t afraid to stand for what he believes In. After Norman returned from college. He saw his younger brother Paul In a new light. Paul grew up. When Norman and Paul went to the river to fly fish, Norman describes Paul as finding his own rhythm in fly fishing. He wasn’t afraid to try his own thing. He broke free from what his father taught him long ago about fly fishing and became his own fisherman.

This resulted in Paul finding his identity and becoming an amazing lay fisherman. Paul also stood for the rights of Native Americans when people would talk against them. Paul was self dependent. After Paul and his brother Norman got kicked out of an Illegal gambling, drinking, and brothel establishment, Paul insists on returning to gamble but Norman tries convincing him to just leave and reminds him of all his debt. Yet Paul says, “Norm, it’s my debt. K. It’s my debt. ” Paul was self- reliant. When one is self-reliant, they rely on their own resources and powers. Unlike a child, they are independent and able to accomplish things on their own.

That mindset of being independent Is crucial In growing up and folding your Identity. In ‘The Bear” by William Faulkner, Eke searched for his Identity as a hunter. The story started out with Eke as a child who was pro killing this monstrous and powerful bear, Old Ben. Yet, as Eke matured, he decided instead to not kill the bear. He and the bear where foes but shared a respect for one another. They didn’t want their so called “fight” to end. And for that case, they both did not attack when they had the chance to harm one another. This represented Kike’s process of growing up. During the setting of A River Runs Through It, Norman and Paul were forced to grow up at an early age . Because AT ten clearances Trot world war l, men were taken from businesses to go fight in the war. So at the age of 16, Norman worked at the United States Forestry Service.

At that same time, Paul obtained a Job as a life guard. They were pressured to mature into the work force. Growing up and finding your identity is very different now in today’s society than it was back before and around World War l. As for today, it is not compulsory for youth to grow up at such an early age. Adolescents have become lackadaisical. They lack a sense of responsibility. They’re not ambitious in finding their identity and In summation, growing up and finding your identity make up who you are as a person. They play a significant role in the outcome of your future. These things are crucial in the circle we call life.

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