What Is Growing Up and How Does It Go

Growing up is something that each individual faces each day of their lives and there is no way around it. Childhood is one of the first stages of life that is where one learns a lot about themselves as they start to grow older. During childhood years, one does not have much freedom, independence, or experience, but is free to dream away on all the possibilities for the future. On the other hand, adulthood is the stage of live where one is now able to take care of themselves and no longer needs one to look over themselves.

Adulthood consists of much more responsibility and experience, but encompasses the freedom and independence that a child strives to have in their life. Comparing childhood to adulthood, we can see that both stages of life have responsibilities and opportunity, but they are shown in different ways. Although childhood and adulthood are both biologically the same person, the differences between the two stages of life far outweigh the similarities.

For example, the childhood stage exibits many different physical and health differences such as height and weight, along with less experience and knowledge of the world around them than the adulthood stage sees.

One of the main differentiating factors between childhood and adulthood is the physical look and health of one’s body. Childhood is the time period where children are developing and growing into their bodies. For the most part, children look young, typically have fast metabolisms, and until one hits a growth spurt, children remain generally short.

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Children also have strong bones and have resilient bodies that allow them to heal fast if any injury takes place. Additionally, young children have not been alive long enough to have been exposed to as many germs as adults have, so children often have weaker immune systems and are more prone to illness and infections than adults are. Children also have thinner skin than adults do which leads to another reason why children are more susceptible to disease that adults. Adults look older, are typically taller, and usually have slower metabolisms as one’s age increases. As one gets older, their bodies tend to weaken and injuries can be harder to recover from due to the more fragile bones. In comparing the childhood and adulthood physical features and appearances, we can see that children and adult bodies can differ greatly.

Adulthood is a phase where they know a lot about the world due to the many experiences that one has encountered. Many positive things come from life experiences as well. For example, knowledge and wisdom stem from the experiences one has faced. Adults have endured more situations and events throughout their lives resulting in a significant difference in that adults have more knowledge as opposed to children. Along with knowledge, people in their adult years acquire a great deal of memories and skills that have been learned over time. Adults have made a lot of memories throughout their lives with the people they grew up with, the people they love, and even the people they work with. Adults have also reached the age where one can drive legally, have received a full education, and work a job in the field of their choice.

On the other hand, children do not possess these same opportunities. Children are given a multitude of opportunities and live great lives, but are limited to a certain extent since most of the time they are living under their parents roof and have to follow the set rules and boundaries. Typically, little independence is given during one’s childhood years because their parents are responsible for the life of their young human being. In addition to that, children are shielded from the negative occurrences in society. Obviously there is news and children learn about the world, but children tend to be naive to most of the events going on. The challenges and hardships in life are not frequently brought to children’s attention and even if it was, a majority of children would not understand. In contrast, adults are typically aware of what is going on around them and around the world, because certain events can affect their daily lives and what they do.

Lastly, freedom and responsibility are major factors that emphasize the differences between childhood and adulthood. Adults can go wherever they want, while having the ability to travel to any destination of their choosing at any given time. Adults do not have an authoritative figure that stops them from doing what they wish. However, children are the opposite and have limited freedom. Children have to listen to their parents and cannot chose to visit any place of their choosing at any random time of the day. Children have to ask to do things, and even after asking, the answer may come back as no. Responsibility comes in both stages of life, but the amount of responsibility depends on one’s age and experience. The responsibilities in children are far less intense than the responsibilities that adults face during adulthood.

Children have the responsibility to go to school, do their homework, and obey their parents rules. If a child does not take care of these responsibilities, consequences are enforced but are not similar to the method in which adults can be given consequences. For example, when a child gets caught for doing something bad or gets in trouble, the parents get involved and take the necessary actions to prevent the same thing from occurring again. Adults have more responsibilities to maintain than children, such as financial and moral duties that need to be kept up. Financial responsibilities include managing the money that one has efficiently made and moral responsibilities are what adults have to encompass in order to teach their children and live by those same morals. If an adult does not take care of the required responsibilities, they can face legal consequences and lose privileges, along with their belongings. Unlike childhood responsibilities, adulthood responsibilities are far more important and severe.

Although childhood and adulthood are stages of life that people face, new skills, knowledge, and experiences are learned during each individual stage. Childhood and adulthood both have certain duties that are the similar, but are taken at different measures. Due to the difference in age and experience between childhood and adulthood, they differ greatly with physical features, health, responsibility, independence, and freedom.

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