Plagiarism in Finding Forrester

Finding Forrester Reflection

The writing process is hard to master, there may be times when a writer has “writer’s block” and is unable to fully articulate what information the reader must know. In the movie, “Finding Forrester” Jamal Wallace is introduced to William Forrester. Forrester is a well-known author and Wallace is a student who struggles to fully articulate information that is easy for the reader to understand.

Wallace is attending a school where he is in the minority and is living in a world full of adversity.

Many of his teachers focus on his race and the color of his skin, rather than the potential of his academics. Wallace comes to a point where his English professor accuses him of plagiarizing Forrester’s published work and now Wallace must prove his innocence.

We are taught that we must not judge a book by its cover or judge a person based on their race or the color of their skin.

During the movie Finding Forrester, the audience must make inferences about the mistrust in Wallace’s work based on the adversity he deals with day-to-day.

What Wallace’s English professor fails to realize is that Wallace is a talented writer with a vast knowledge of the writing process. Forrester is only helping Wallace to be more efficient in his writing and to perfect his writing process to become a more successful writer.

Wallace is accused of plagiarizing Forrester’s published work and this calls for Forrester to step up and help prove Wallace’s innocence.

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A writing competition where writers of the school are recognized for their outstanding work. Since Wallace was accused of plagiarizing, he is unable to be recognized for his achievements. Forrester arrives at the competition and writes a piece of writing that is incredible and Wallace’s English professor claims it as a masterpiece. Forrester announces that the writing is Jamal Wallace’s and Wallace’s English professor is astonished that a black student from the ghettos of New York was able to write such a piece.

Fighting adversity when you are the minority is a struggle that many may not know, but if the writer is proving that they are as talented as any other, we as a society cannot deprive the writer of the recognition of their achievements. William Forrester helped Jamal Wallace in obtaining the recognition he deserved.

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