Digital divide is the phenomenon which characterized with the disability of the certain social groups and individuals to receive access to the latest achievements in the sphere of IT and get the required amount of information. It is obvious that today information is the most valuable resource, so it is important to have the constant access to the sources of information, especially the digital ones: the Internet, television, telephone communication, radio, etc. It is quite understandable that digital divide in a natural process which is caused by numerous factors.

First of all the divide depends on the economic condition of the state, the chosen individual. Logically, if the person has the unfavorable financial background, she has quite low chances to receive enough information about the world around and she can hardly possess a quality digital device which would assist her in her career, education, entertainment, etc.

The modern norms of the information society are based on the constant progress and rapid development of digital technologies and the increase of the number of people who are involved in the active use in the information sphere.

There is the idea that digital divide is a certain type of the break of the human rights, because if the person is limited in the access towards information, it influences the level of her education, the success at work, etc. There are thoughts about the artificial digital divide used for the imperative influence on the certain groups of people and the whole countries. For example, in the totalitarian states digital divide is a common thing which is based on the refusal of the government to permit their people receive the whole objective information about the world around.

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