A Review of Finding Dory, a Movie by Pixar Studios

When Pixar Studios first created Finding Nemo in 2003, the studio did not realize the movie would lead up to another success 13 years later. In June of 2016, Pixar Studios released the movie Finding Dory. The studio knew the movie would be a big hit, but they did not anticipate the huge success that the movie had. The quote by Dory, “Do you know how it feels to be looking for someone”, sets up what the entire movie is going to be focused around.

The movie, in simple terms, shows viewers Dory’s journey in trying to find her family. Pixar Studios Inc. created and animated movie that would not only be appealing to children, but to adults as well.

To no surprise, Finding Dory was an extremely big hit with children. As more and more children see the trailer for the new animated movie, the trailer sticks in the child’s head as something new and exciting that the child would like to go see.

The movie also consists of bright and vibrant colors that catch the attention of a child watching television. Finding Dory not only features some of the original characters that viewers have fallen in love with, but the movie also introduces new characters to the audience. The old characters such as Nemo, Marlin, Mr. Ray, and Gill are characters that children could have fallen in love with, assuming the children have seen Finding Nemo. In addition to new and old characters, the characters are also exceedingly developed. All of the characters have a different story to tell; they all have different life events that have molded them into the character that they are.

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The movie also features a new, but similar storyline. Both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory feature the story of a fish going on a journey in search of someone or something.

Finding Dory was also a big success with adults in a few different ways. The first movie, Finding Nemo, was released when most college students were between the ages of seven and twelve. These college students have patiently awaited the arrival of Finding Dory for thirteen years. Seeing the movie could also give one a sense of nostalgia or make him or her feel like a child again without any worries or problems. Since Pixar introduced new characters into Finding Dory, teenagers and adults want to “meet” the new characters because they know how developed the original characters are. Older adults could see the movie trailer, think it is cute and a good movie for their children, then potentially take their children to see the movie. The movie is appealing to parents because it is seen as a cute, happy, and age appropriate movie for their children to see. The family-oriented movie also gives families an opportunity to spend quality time together and have a fun time. Although the movie is seen as a happy movie, it can appeal to an audience’s sense of sympathy due to Dory looking for her family with a mental disability. During the movie, Dory comes across another fish and says, “Hi, I lost my family” (Finding Dory). The fish replied, “Where did you see them last?” (Finding Dory). Dory then said, “I forgot” (Finding Dory). That one scene gives the audience a sense of sympathy because the audience feels bad for Dory due to the fact that she cannot remember her family or where she saw them last.

Finding Dory is also appealing to adults and children with disabilities because the main character has a mental disability. Dory suffers from anterograde amnesia, also known as short term memory loss. Throughout Dory’s journey in finding her family, she struggles to remember where she saw her parents last making it difficult to find them. Another character, Nemo, also has a disability, but his is physical. Nemo was born with one fin smaller than the other making it difficult to swim. Nemo eventually becomes accustomed to him small fin, but it can still hinder him in certain situations. Hank is another character with a physical disability. Hank is a septopus, or an octopus with seven tentacles. Hank lost his tentacle at some point in his life, but he does not let that hinder his abilities. He is just as able to do everything as his eight-armed acquaintances. Destiny is the last character with a disability. Destiny is a whale shark who does not have the greatest eyesight. Although she is sometimes embarrassed by the byproducts of her poor eyesight, Dory helps her realize that she is perfectly imperfect. Because Pixar included disabled characters, it can psychologically help the disabled by helping them realize that they are perfectly imperfect just like Destiny.

Finding Dory is not a movie just meant for children; it can be appealing for all ages. All viewers can find a way to relate or feel emotion towards the movie whether they are four or forty. Without the bright and happy colors, the characters with disabilities, and the long awaited time of thirteen years the movie would not have been such a huge success. Finding Dory. Dir. Andrew Stanton. Perf. Ellen DeGeneres. Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. 2016. DVD

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