The Significance of Sound in a Football Game

Can you envision a football field without sounds during a game? It’s impossible not to hear any sounds during a football game. The players are running, panting, and yelling all around the field trying to catch the ball, while the other players from the other team are pushing and hitting them before they can score. Some of them are taunting and booing each other. One coach and his assistant are standing on the side facing the other coach who is standing on the other side of the field.

They are giving directions to the players and also yelling and shouting at them. Sometimes they clap their hands because their team scores. In addition, the fans are sitting on the bleachers screaming and chanting at the players. They also drum their feet on the bleachers.

Some of them are lost in conversations, and others are chasing their children. Sometimes, they try to give directions to the players and support them with “ahs.

” They rarely throw food and boo at their team if the team is losing. However, they don’t stop yelling and shouting during the game. Moreover, cheerleaders from both team dance and chant for their teams. They also try to get the fans to cheer. Following them are the bands with their music and drums. And the announcers fill the whole field with their high voices meant to tell the players, coaches, and the fans the score. After a while, the referee signals the end of the game with his whistle.

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All that can be heard are shouting, and clapping.

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