Chapter 62. New Sound Palettes: Mid-Twentieth Century American Experimentalists

What instruments accompany the voice in Crumb’s Caballito negro?
metallic percussion

In Caballito negro, Crumb requests his singers to sing without vibrato, with a _________ tone.

Who is the inventor of the “prepared piano”?
john cage

Which of the following describe John Cage’s Sonata V from Sonatas and Interludes?
irregular phrases
piano produces percussive effects

Harry Partch was a serious proponent of microtonal music.

The gamelan is a traditional orchestra from Japan.

The gamelan orchestra is made up largely of percussion instruments.


The form of John Cage’s Sonata V from Sonatas and Interludes is
binary with each section repeated

One of Henry Cowell’s innovations was the “prepared piano.”

Whose poetry did George Crumb set in his second book of madrigals?

The form of George Crumb’s Caballito negro is:

Avant-garde music is highly technically demanding.

George Crumb is representative of avant-garde composition in the United States.

Avant-garde musical styles call for instrumentalists and vocalists who can perform with unusual and challenging techniques and satisfy the composer’s demands.

The prepared piano required in Sonatas and Interludes simulates a:
gamelan orchesta

Which of the following describe George Crumb’s Caballito negro?
atonal harmony
sung in Spanish
disjunct melody

Henry Cowell is known for combining Asian instruments with traditional Western ensembles.

Which composer invented new instruments capable of microtonality?
harry partch

George Crumb composed _____________ books of madrigals.

In Crumb’s Caballito negro, the piccolo player uses a technique similar to “rolling an R,” called:

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