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Experiment by University of California Mozart Sonata
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Tempo refers to the speed in beats per minute (bpm) at which a song progresses. There are many types of tempo, which range from Larghissimo, at 20 beats per minute or less, to Prestissimo, which is extremely fast at a rate of over 200 beats per minute (“Basic Tempo Markings”). It may be a common assumption that a slower-paced song may dampen a person’s disposition, but research has shown that, not only does temp affect temper, it affects his mood…...
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz Joseph Haydn
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Musical Form, in its truest essence, is the organization of phrases, key changes, harmony, repetition, and rhythm within compositions. Many poets use the ABCA format to distinguish between rhymes schemes. In the same sense, music can be categorized into larger, more grand sections, and then further elaborated by delving into subsections of the larger A or B schemes. Just like in poetry, there are many types of form. and each one varies based off of how the composers chose to…...
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The Path That a Musician Should Take Before Giving a Sonata
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Before one can go on stage and present a successful performance, there is a long journey that musician has to cover the completely learn that musical material. The preparation a pianist should always follow include a preliminary time when he should familiarize himself with the repertoire context. Some background information about that composer, or details in regard with the period of his life when he composed that work would help to crystalize the image of the piece. A form analysis…...
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Analysis of Piano Sonata No. 16
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The piece I will be analyzing is the Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This nine-minute piece consists of three sections of the sonata form: the exposition, the development and the recapitulation. The three sections are notably separated by their tempo where the exposition is in allegro, the development is in andante and the recapitulation or the rondo as it’s called for this piece is in allegretto. The exposition had an overall bright, chirpy feel…...
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As I Was at the Concert of My Teacher’s Sonata
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It’s my pleasure to attend piano recital on the Friday evening, February Twenty-Third at Recital Hall. The performer, Gregory Wang, who was a senior of Jacobs school of music, and this was his graduation recital. And also, Gregory Wang, he is my teacher of my Beginning Piano Class I (P110). He performed two pieces of music, which were Sonata No.2 in D Major, Op. 94a by Sergei Prokofiev in 1943 and Trio in E-Flat Major, Op.40 by Johannes Brahmas. By…...
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Tokyo Sonata Shows the Struggle After Being Fired From a Job
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A. Tokyo Sonata follows a middle-class family in Tokyo, Japan and shows the struggle that Ryuhei Sasaki, the protagonist, husband, and father of the film, comes across after being fired from his job. He, like many others, was let go due to his business finding cheaper employees in the Chinese population in Tokyo. While searching for a new job, Ryuhei comes across an old friend he’s known since they went to school together named Kurosu. They start conversating and Ryuhei…...
Beethoven Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement
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Ludwig van Beethoven’s music is generally understood as the composer’s personal expression of his deep-felt emotions. The mercurial composer not only suffered from a progressively worsening deafness but also turbulent romantic relations. His music is said to capture the high and low moments of his personal and professional lives. His music is also divided into those that were meant for public performance and those that were written for private/intimate enjoyment. The Moonlight Sonata falls into the latter category. The first…...
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Music Final Chapters 29-31
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Beethoven called the Moonlight sonata a:. fantasy-like sonata Beethoven composed the Moonlight sonata: early in his career Beethoven felt that the Moonlight sonata was not one of his best works. true Beethoven gave the nickname "Moonlight" to his own piano sonata. false Beethoven had little regard for the formal conventions of his day. false Beethoven's Moonlight sonata is set in a minor key throughout all the movements. false Beethoven's Moonlight sonata was dedicated to one of his students, with whom…...
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Chapter 62. New Sound Palettes: Mid-Twentieth Century American Experimentalists
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What instruments accompany the voice in Crumb's Caballito negro? piccolo metallic percussion In Caballito negro, Crumb requests his singers to sing without vibrato, with a _________ tone. white Who is the inventor of the "prepared piano"? john cage Which of the following describe John Cage's Sonata V from Sonatas and Interludes? irregular phrases piano produces percussive effects Harry Partch was a serious proponent of microtonal music. true The gamelan is a traditional orchestra from Japan. false The gamelan orchestra is…...
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