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A Description on Music Piracy Caused Quite a Stir With Copyright Infringement Laws in Recent Months
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Music piracy has caused quite a stir with copyright infringement laws in recent months. A current article I found talks about a recent issue within this topic. The main issue is consumers digital writes. It was published in the San Francisco Chronicle by Benny Evangelista. A group of entrepreneurs have proposed a law to protect consumers and allow them to copy CDs, use a MP3 player, and watch DVD movies on their computer. These three areas are the major pirated…...
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An Argument Against Music Piracy
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Music piracy has been around for a little less than half a century, but since the rise of the Internet and boom in technology it has become a rising issue with musicians. Proponents for music piracy say that it allows artists to freely advertise and thus gain a wider range of fans. However, artists are not given any form of monetary compensation when their songs are distributed, which can lead to less motivation to record and sell their music. Ethically,…...
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The Music Industry in an Age of Digital Distribution
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Political Factors: Generally, music is not a sector of the economy that is directly influenced by political decisions. Public funding does, however, affect the support of diversity in music. The music industry has been demanding from the government to introduce some strong legislation that curbs piracy. Some laws can affect how a company operates, its costs, and consumer demand. One important legal factor for music development and distribution companies concerning downloadable music is the customer’s right to copy the purchased…...
Music Piracy
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Pirated Means of Profit
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The social institutions within South Korea had experienced a dramatic shift from the late 1980s to the early 90s, on a global historical scale, this is very recent. Political leftists within Korea were repressed with the help of the U.S out of the association of political leftism with communism- this allowed for Korean non-communist dictators to rise from the late 1950s-to 1988. After this period, Korean student protesters stretched out to influence civilians to join the liberation movement of South…...
Music Piracy
Piracy – The Ethical and Legal Dilemma on Sharing of Copyrighted Information
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In 1998 on college campuses around the country a revolution had taken place involving technology, media, and a little-known piece of software called ‘Napster’. Harnessing the advancements in broadband internet capabilities and the concept of file-sharing or peer-to-peer (P2P) Napster allowed users to upload and download music files from other users in an unlimited fashion. Napster soon came into legal hot water with media and record labels and eventually in July 2000 was sued for copyright infringement by the heavy…...
Music Piracy
How to Put an End to Music Piracy Once and For All?
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Music can be a coping mechanism, an escape from reality, and even a community that forms new friendships. For this reason, music listeners go to extreme lengths to acquire their favorite music for the fraction of the real price. Whether it is downloading and playing music on unaccredited file-sharing websites or downloading music from stream-ripping apps, various people continue to engage in music piracy knowing that it is ethically and morally wrong. In fact, with the introduction of Napster in…...
Music Piracy
Music Industry Analysis
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The music industry has indeed gone through significant transitions since its inception. Music is an art that has stood the test of time with its far-reaching effects to the society. Indeed, the magnitude of impact that music brings to the society is truly phenomenal. Before the introduction of digital music, iPods and digital sharing techniques, music sales were high with the increased number of people buying CDs and audio cassettes. However, the present presents numerous challenges to music sales because…...
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How to Put an End to Music Piracy Once and For All?
...Ullman, Joanne R., and N. Clayton Silver. “Perceived Effectiveness of Potential Music Piracy Warnings.” Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, vol. 62, no. 1, 1 Sept. 2018, pp. 1353–1357, https://journals...
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