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Why is popular music no longer the powerful message conveyer it used
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Why is popular music no longer the powerful message conveyer it used to be?The commercial pop we have now, the Ed Sheerans, the Chainsmokers, the Taylor Swifts, will never be a carrier for social change in the way music once was. I’d like to examine the true reach of mainstream pop and learn about why more mainstream artists aren’t utilizing their voice to its fullest potential.What is pop music? When the term originated in the late 1950’s, it was used…...
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Lucy Dawson I Am Sam
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The essay sample on Lucy Dawson I Am Sam dwells on its problems, providing shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down.I AM SAM Director: Jessie Nelson Writers: Kristine Johnson, Jessie Nelson Stars: Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dakota Fanning Sheenna Jey O. Corollo BSTM III-1D INTRODUCTION: As a human being, what is a definition of the word parent to you? Is it the amount of intellectual maturity displayed or the level of love…...
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Music Production and The Music Business
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There Is No Music in the Music Business?Amelia ReddingMarch 3rd, 2019Music is iconic in any culture, any language, and continent. At what point does music stop being art and become simply an income number? Music has always been an art form and yet today music is more concerned with topping charts than forcing you to think. Music that moves the soul seems to take a back seat to a tune that will move mountains of money. As new technologies are…...
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Music Legends: The Beatles
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The Beatles are one of the most well-known bands of their time. They were a phenomenon that lead the music industry in how pop/rock songs would be written and played for many years to come. The four guys that make up the Beatles are “Paul McCartney’s melodic bass lines, Ringo Starr’s slaphappy no-rolls drumming, George Harrison’s rockabilly-style guitar leads, and John Lennon’s assertive rhythm guitar.” Over the years looking back at the Beatles, historians of Rock and Roll have divided…...
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Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll
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“Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll” The “Swinging Sixties” was a decade of new developments changing ideals that ranged from women’s movements, to “the New Left,” and to the musical scene of Rock ‘n’ Roll. These important progressions began the counterculture and social revolution among the youth in the United States. The counterculture ideals and visions were brought about by the extraordinary explosion of creative thought through music and other forms of art. The music scene, that overwhelmed the country,…...
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Why is popular music no longer the powerful message conveyer it used
...The term “sellout” was coined in the 1960’s at a time when the intersection of music and politics was most vivid. What was once a career threatening statement has now grown to be not only accepted, but a necessary part of most major artist’s care...
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