Musical Wave of the Seventies

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Music has been part of humanity since its existence and now, it’s a type of art form that will never die and will continue for many years to come. Throughout the decades, music has evolved and changed from the different styles of classic rock of the British Invasion in the sixties to the heavy metal in the mid-eighties. Each decade had its artists that made the sound of music distinct from the other.

The sixties were a well-known era from the Vietnam War, the Sharon Tate murders, the Manson Family, the Kennedy election, and more the things that got the people through tough times was the music.

The music of the sixties was a key element that made it memorable with the British invasion occurring in the mid-sixty artist such as The Beatles, Rolling Stone, The Who, and more had created a sound ever the world has never heard. “On January 25, 1964, the Beatles’ single “I Want to Hold Your Hand” entered the American Top 40.

” (Kamp Vanity Fair) The Beatles were the first British band to hit to charts in America letting the rest of the artists follow they reached number one on February first they had reached number one with “ I Want to Hold Your Hand”.(Kamp Vanity Fair) The doors with led by singer Jim Morrison had created a new sound inspired by the heavy drug use of LSD known as psychedelic rock the door’s breakthrough single was “Break on Through (To the Other Side). It was a style that glamorized it and paid tribute to the psychedelic drugs that gave many inspirations to create a new soundwave.

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Within the midst of the British invasion, the rise of psychedelic rock many groups and songs such as CCR’s “Fortunate Son” the song say “I ain’t no military son” most men who went off to war were just regular civilians with no military experience at all and they were called to fight. Another song known as a protest song against the war was Phil Ochs’s “What Are You Fighting For” it questioned the reasons why Americans have gotten involved in the fighting. The hippy movement had a lot of involvement with the protest of Vietnam, the art of using LSD to escape, and it help escalate artists from the British invasion one song that is known as a hippie anthem is the youngbloods “Get Together” it calls for all people to get tighter and to love one another. A popular quote during this time made love, not war, after the end of the British invasion in the late sixties it was an end era hippies stopped the impact of this “new drug” craze was over and thus the seventies were born.

The seventies gave a wave to disco with The Bee Gees, ABBA, Donna Summer, and the Jackson 5 not only was disco a new sound a new wave of punk rock with bands like Sex Pistols, The Ramones, and The Misfits punk rock was the music kids loved and parents hated. With new break-out songs like “The Hustle” by Van McCoy which is credited as the first disco song, The Bee Gees were known as the first break-out artist of the decade.

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