Assignment 1 Identify Musical Ideas

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Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments. As a teaching assistant ,creating and maintaining a quality and sound learning environment will be my main contribution by focussing on the following objectives:- * To maximise learning opportunities * To create safe and positive environment * To diminish disruptive behaviour problems.

All of the above help to ensure that the teacher can focus on teaching the class.I would be expected to be active in supporting and supervising the pupil’s learning under the plan of class teacher. By following the plan set out by the teacher I would firstly organise and set out the required resources e. g:- chairs, tables, musical instruments etc. I would confirm from the teacher whether there are any children in the class who need special support.

I have to make sure that all the working area is clean and tidy and there is suitable and safe space for all equipment to be set up in. I would also check that if there is adequate equipment in good working order prior to use.I have to make sure that I have a good knowledge of the instruments prior to lesson, if there is any sort of confusion I have to clarify it from the teacher.

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During the lesson I would make sure that students are using the instruments in a right way, offering help wherever needed. I would instruct them how to use each instrument, encouraging learners to have fun. I would observe each pupil’s behaviour and progress throughout and record information if required. Throughout the whole session I would ensure that school’s health and safety procedure was followed .After the lesson was finished I would encourage the children to tidy up the instruments making sure nothing was damaged for the next use ,If any damage happened it must be reported to the teacher and recorded and all inventory records must be updated. As a teaching assistant I would also prepare myself for offering feedback to either the children or the teacher . If needed I would review the lesson with the teacher and pass on all information or any specific concerns. 2) What might be your role in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources, material and equipment for this percussion lesson?Effective classroom organisation is supposed to maximise the time spent on teaching and learning experiences, so as a teaching assistant I have a vital role to play . Following the requirements of the lesson plan set out by the teacher, I would firstly make sure that the classroom is clean, tidy, and prepared for the lesson. I would set out all the music sheets and instruments in the quantity specified by the teacher and I would also bear in mind any inclusion policies and implications, if any pupil required additional support.Feedback should then be given to the teacher whether sufficient equipment is available for the day intended so that other arrangements can be made if necessary. I would check all the equipment to ensure that it is in compliance with Health and safety policy, is clean and hygienic and is appropriate for the pupils to use. Inventory of all equipment should be maintained properly, all instruments being used should be logged out and their condition should be noted, if there are any problems they must be recorded in maintenance log.I would make sure that the guidelines of the teacher are followed in the positioning of each instrument. While the lesson is in progress it is important to monitor the use of equipment to ensure that they are used in accordance with the guidelines and wherever necessary provide guidance to the pupils for safe and sound use. At the end of lesson I would also encourage students to be responsible to put instruments away correctly and safely at their appropriate places avoiding any damage to the equipment.I would also make sure that all work surfaces are clean and the classroom is back to how it would have been at the beginning of the lesson. Any specific concerns or any damages must be reported to the teacher so that damaged equipment must be reordered to maintain inventory. 3) Describe how you act in a class in order to be an effective role model for the standards of behaviour expected in pupils? As a teaching assistant it is necessary to be effective role model to promote positive behaviour both within the class and also in the school premises when around pupils, teachers, and other staff.Classroom discipline and management is a skill that is not only learned but practiced daily as well. It is very necessary for a teaching assistant to use a good , appropriate , and decent language and I would make sure that good manners are always used at all times when dealing with other adults and pupils . I would show respect and listen to other pupils and help encourage them to show the same courtesy to me and others. This would also apply to following school rules and to make sure these are being adhered to.I would always follow up positive recognition and I will make every effort possible to notice when children are trying hard and acknowledge. I would encourage children to work as a part of team, pay attention and concentrate on the task. I would also offer support to those pupils who felt isolated or do not want to get involved in the task set by the teacher. I would try to stop or minimise distractions with the help of a little humour. I would help pupils in building their self -esteem by encouraging those who are trying but struggling .I would make sure to provide them with praise encouragement and support and showing them that their ideas are valued which is a great tool for boosting self- esteem . I would show respect for pupils by listening to their needs and by preserving their dignity as well. It is also important for the teaching assistant to be a good role model, not only by focussing on the pupil’s behaviour but also on their learning. To sum up I would present myself as courteous, prompt, enthusiastic, in- control, patient and organised through my behaviour to be an effective role model. ) What strategies might you employ to encourage pupils to behave appropriately? Describe how you might react to incidents of bullying and violence? With a little patience the teaching assistant can lay a foundation for respect and positive behaviour. As a teaching assistant I would promote appropriate behaviour in pupils by involving them in making rules, keeping them simple and minimal in number as too many rules may distract them from why rules are there. To reinforce children’s positive behaviour,I would apply some strategies that would help them to understand what behaviour is expected.I would encourage pupils to work together and co-operate with each other at any time. I would focus their attention on tasks and instructions given by a teacher, praising them for their efforts. It might be good idea to create a reward board with magnets or stickers to collect for showing a good behaviour. I would present them with a gift after collecting certain number of stickers. But this method of rewarding can only be applied for pupils who are younger while for the elder pupils method of reward should be different according to their circumstances.I would praise children who are excelling but at the same time I would not forget those who are trying but struggling I would show respect for pupils by listening to their needs and by preserving their dignity. I would show genuine interest not only in pupil’s learning in school but also in them as human beings, builds trust and confidence. Using a calm and positive approach at all times is helpful when dealing with challenging or disruptive behaviours as it allows for expectations to be understood and the explanations of why certain kind of behaviour is not acceptable.Incidents of bullying and violence must be dealt with in a calm and consistent manner, listening to the students involved and by not taking sides . There are number of different signs of bullying including emotional disturbance, depression, physical signs or drop in performance. All incidents of bullying should be recorded and reported to the teacher . As a teaching assistant If I came across to the any incident of bullying and violence, I would make sure to :- * Deal with each incident individually and assess the need of each pupil separately. Provide a secure environment so that incidents can be reported confidentially. * Show all pupils that bullying is taken seriously. * Respond calmly. * Reassure pupils that school will protect and support all parties involved. * Provide long term and positive programmes of personnel development when required. * Ensure all incidents are recorded and dealt with as quickly as possible. 5) Describe how you might appropriately observe the physical abilities and skills of a nine year old boy.When observing it is essential to find out from the teacher the reason for the observation so that when I have to report back I can advise correctly of any observations found. The observations may need to be planned in advance so that one can get most from it. I have to make sure that the pupil is unaware that he is being observed. If he knows this, it may possibly hinder his performance and he may become embarrassed. When observing a pupil appropriately I would need to establish a good rapport with the pupil.The observation would have to be carried out with minimal disruptions to the pupil so that the natural behaviour can be seen in a pupil to identify his strengths and weaknesses. I would be observing his social and emotional skills i. e. how he relates himself to his peers, his use of language and his communication. I would also observe his ability to handle sports and games equipment like bats, balls and hockey sticks and observe for how he handle them and how well he is aware of the rules and boundaries of the game ,this would also take into consideration his physical growth.I would also observe that how he deals with group or individual tasks. I would also make sure that while making observations I was:- * Consistent * Not making any assumptions * Not judgemental * Not intrusive I would make sure that I have made observations over a period of time because one isolated observation never form the basis for reaching conclusions about his on-going development. I would make some form of record on the spot at the time of the observation made in the form of notes and record should always be dated. I would offer a well- balanced and constructive feedback following my observations.I would explain and justify my findings from the observations made and I would answer any questions from the teacher. As a teaching assistant I would have enormous information about a child, so I am required to use it as a means of help for a child and his development only using in ways that maintain confidentiality. I would have to make sure that reports arisen from observations are kept in a secure place and remain confidential. Parents should be aware about what is recorded about their child’s development and progress. Reports of classroom’s observations can be kept for up to 5 years .

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