Somewhere Over The Rainbow Musical Analysis

The first song I analyzed was “Over the Rainbow” sung by Judy Garland. This song was written for the movie “The Wizard of Oz” in 1939 and is considered a ballad. Harold Arlen was the composer of this song while lyricist by E.Y Harburg. Harold Arlen came up with the melody for this song while on a drive with his wife. Judy first recorded this song on the MGM soundstage while using arrangements by Murray Cutter. Dorothy, played by Judy Garland, sings this song while trying to get to her aunt and uncle’s house.

However before the movie was produced, producer Mervyn LeRoy and MGM chief executive thought this song slowed down the picture and did not want it part of the movie. On the other hand, Garland’s vocal coach and associate producer, Arthur Freed, argued otherwise and got them to keep the song in the movie.Judy sang this song for the next thirty years and did not alter the lyrics or how she sang it when performing.

She said she did not alter the song at all to show the true meaning of the story.Dorothy, being played by Judy Garland, sings this song while trying to get to her aunt and uncle. Judy sings this song with the help of Victor Young and his orchestra.

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The second song I used was ‘Over the Rainbow” by Sarah Vaughan. Her nickname was “Sassy” and “The Divine One.” “Over the Rainbow” was apart of her album called “In the Land of Hi-Fi”.

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Her version of this song is considered a jazz ballad. When listening to her version of the song you can tell right away some of the differences between Judy Garland’s and Sarah Vaughan’s. Sarah added much of her own spin on things in the song. She held out notes much longer than in the original song. Which with doing that it gave it more rhythm and made it more to the standard of jazz ballads. In the listening guide chart you can see that with looking at the seconds and when the lyrics were sung compared to Judy singing it.There was one spot in the song wher…

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow Musical Analysis
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