Musical Identities Research By Theodore Gracyk

One of the primary notion is the Does everyone have a musical identity? Reflection on musical identities’ research which was written by Theodore Gracyk. According to Theodore, It is clearly that there is a special tie between music and identity, especially with adolescent. For instance, if young teenagers keep on listening to music as a leisure activity, it could make an essential improvement to the process of discovering one’s identity. Adolescence is one of the most crucial time to progress the maturation, genuine hypothetical and abstract thinking which can enhance young adults cognitive abilities.

With the huge interest in music, one can construct a sense of self to the mental processes such as the pleasure of finding a stable state of mind or exploring individual’s emotion. Also, Theodore claimed that one can seek themselves through an abstract object that can be seen in music I many cases.

For example, when a listener takes pleasure in hearing the same music in different circumstances, or one’s must grasp the same musical work within different dimension or objects.

However, music is a relational connection which can cooperating the multiple selves in diverse context and surroundings. Furthermore, Theodore had also pointed out the research of Tia DeNora in Music and self-identity in the identity and relation through music. To be specific, Tia has explore the respondents used music for listeners to remember the incident in their lives. By repeating music or fortuitously plays a song that linked to a crucial event, it can brings the nostalgic or reminds listeners to a past experience.

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This bring me back to what influence me when I was listening to Humongous for the first time, I can still feel the raw emotions of empty and lonesome, how the wind blew and how the taste of my coffee cup exactly like the first time. Declan helps me to reconstituting the past experience which is the reflective movement from time to time through music. Also, there is a link between the musical material and the concept of self-identity. Here, the music provides a material rendering of self-identity; a material in and with which to identify identity(Tia DeNora ) This concept had strongly assure me due to the influential of Humongous to my purpose in life; studying media and films.

Nevertheless, how can I approach to Declan McKenna or the engagement with the young independent indie artist? Due to the development of technology, people can easily access to the mass media such as television, radio, especially the Internet and other social media app such as Youtube or Spotify. Popular music can be quickly found through the top charts or the recommendation or the communities that we related to. This brings us to a second theory by Cenk Celasin; The effects of musical elements in mass media and Internet on the Social Development of Children and Adolescents. Cenk explained that

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