Was The Wave Experiment by Ben Ross Succesful

Ben Ross wants to show his students how Hitler could control Germany without people stopping him and also why people said that they didn’t know what happened during World War II. That is why he decides to make an experiment. I will explain how this experiment was successful. Hitler built a totalitarian movement from which he was the leader. First, it is important to know that Hitler was elected by German population and consequently he became the Head of Germany legally.

Germany was not in good health and Hitler promised a better world and people believed him.

Hitler recruited new members for his party who obeyed him totally until he controlled everybody all around him. Ben Ross begins his experiment a little bit as Hitler did during the World War II. First, he shows his students that with discipline we can have all what we want to. The success is not due to knowledge but to obedience to rules. If students have discipline, the world is better.

In addition, he introduces a position with the body. His students look like all the same physically. After that Ben Ross does some exercises with his students.

He wants first the students to organize themselves and secondly wants to put the students on the same level. He does not wish any loser any more. The students become robots and act militarily. We can say that Ben Ross introduces obedience. Obedience is the fact of obeying to an authority. Indeed there is a hierarchy.

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Here Ben Ross is the leader of his class as Hitler was the leader of Germany. Ben Ross is legally the teacher of his class, so he is legally a kind of leader for the class. The students accept that Ben becomes their leader and that is why they obey him.

Ben Ross controls their mind and consequently he controls their actions. Next Ben Ross gives a name “the wave” to the class. The students are not themselves any more but the wave. In addition the wave has a salute. Ben Ross puts a mark on the wave. The wave members are not equal to the no-members. They are superior. The members must also recruit new members. Everybody must join the wave otherwise people who refuse to join it are expelled. Furthermore Ben Ross distributes member cards. Obedience is introduced and the wave becomes a totalitarian movement. The wave has good effects on the students.

Third Wave Experiment

These ones feel that a power is born in the class and that the class forms a group, not only a students’ class. Now the students do their homework to be able to answer Ben Ross questions. They consider each other as equal and there are not any losers any more. The wave has nevertheless bad effects. The students become robots. They do not think anymore on their own and it is dangerous because they can act without thinking. They do actions just because they are asked to do them. Soon the wave begins to work without Ben giving orders. The students organise meetings between wave members or they do propaganda without Ben asking them to do it.

The wave becomes a conformist group. Conformism is when all members of a group are equal. Nobody gives orders. The members just imitate what the other members do Contrary to obedience, people choose their actions; they do not just obey. They feel responsible for what they do. If I analyse Ben Ross’ strategy, I notice that the students react exactly as Germans during the World War II and also exactly like people who are submitted to obedience or like people who belong to a conformist group. Ben Ross wants to show his students how Germans’ life was when Hitler was the leader of Germany and his experiment was a great success.

Ben Ross succeeds in being a leader as Hitler was and the students react like Nazis. By this experiment the students learn a lot about History but not only. It is also a good life experiment. Namely, after that, the students will be able not to be controlled by other people and they will be careful of always thinking on their own. As far as I am concerned I think that this experiment is useful to understand History but it can also be very dangerous because you do not think on your own anymore and consequently you can be led to do horrible actions.

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Was The Wave Experiment by Ben Ross Succesful
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