MUS 1751.26, Twentieth Century & Beyond, Test 4

In music, the early twentieth century was a time of
revolt and change

A chord made up of tones only half a step or a whole step apart is know as
tone cluster

Striking a group of adjacent keys on a piano with the fist or forearm will result in
tone cluster

Composers from which area rose to importance during the Twentieth Century
Latin America

One of the most important teachers of musical composition in the twentieth century was
Nadia Boulanger

Impressionist painting and symbolist poetry as artistic movements originated in

The most important impressionist composer was
Claude Debussy

Impressionism in music is characterized by
a stress on tone color, atmosphere, and fluidity

The impressionist painters were particularly obsessed with portraying

Many of Debussy’s songs are set to poems by the symbolist poet
Paul Verlaine

In which of the following areas did Debussy not create masterpieces?

Which of the following is not true?
a. Twentieth-century music follows the same general principles of musical structure as earlier periods.

The poem that inspired the Prelude to “The Afternoon of a Faun” was written by
Stephane Mallarme

The neoclassical movement in music roughly encompassed the years

Which of the following statements concerning neoclassicism is not true?
b. Neoclassicism composers reacted against twentieth-century harmonies and rhythms, and preferred to revive old forms and styles exactly as they were.

Neoclassical composers favored
Clear polyphonic textures

Neoclassical composers modeled many of their works after the compositions of
Johann Sebastian Bach

Neoclassicism was a reaction against
romanticism and impressionism

Igor Stravinsky, at the age of twenty-one, began to study compositions privately with
Arnold Schoenberg

Stravinsky’s life took a sudden turn in 1909, when he met the director of the Russian Ballet
Sergei Diaghiley

The famous riot in 1913 was caused by the first performance of Stravinsky’s ballet
The rite of spring

Stravinsky’s enormous influence on twentieth-century music is due to his innovations in
All answers are correct

The most famous riot in music history occurred in Paris in 1913 at the first performance of
Igor Stravinsky’s the rite of spring

Which of the following ballets is not from Stravinsky’s Russian period?

Stravinsky’s second phase is generally known as

In the 1950s Stravinsky dramatically changed his style,drawing inspiration from
Anton Webern

Distortion is a technique used primarily in the _________ period.

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The expressionist movement in music and art flourished in the years

One of the immediate predecessors of expressionism was the composer
Richard Strauss

All of the following painters may be considered part of the expressionist movement except
Claude Monet

Schoenberg’s teacher was

Alban Berg and Anton Webern were Arnold Schoenberg’s

When Schoenberg arrived in the United States after the Nazis seized power in Germany,he obtained a teaching position at

Composers in the twentieth century drew inspiration from
All answer are correct

Putnam’s Camp, Redding Connecticut is a movement from Charles Ives’s
Three Places in new England

During most of his lifetime, Charles Ives’s musical compositions
Accumulated in the barn of his Connecticut farm

Charles Ives’s music contains elements of
All answers are correct

The ordering of the twelve chromatic tones in a twelve-tone composition is called a
All answers are correct

George Gershwin grew up in
New York, New York

Which of the following musicals is not by George Gershwin?
Funny girl

Which of the following works is not by George Gershwin?
d. The Desert Song

“Harlem Renaissance” was the name
Sometimes given to a flowering of African American culture during the years 1917-1935

William Graht Still
Played the violin in the university string Quartet while a college student

William Grant Still’s works in African American style, such as Afro-American Symphony of 1931, were
Performed to critical acclaim in New York

A great twentieth-century compose who was also a leading scholar of the folk music of his native land was
Bela Bartok

Aaron Copland’s name has become synonymous with American music because of his use of
All answers are correct.

Which of the following composers was not stimulated by the folklore of his native land?
Anton Webern

Ostinato refers to a
motive or phrase that is repeated persistently at the same pitch throughout a section.

In modern music
All of the above

A piano is often used in twentieth-century orchestral music to
add a percussive edge.

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