The Power of Comfort Food That Lives Within Me

I love mashed potatoes and pizza. I love them so much and probably way more than I should, However, the truly great thing about mashed potatoes and pizza is no matter what mood I am in, they make me happier after I eat it. To me they are a comfort food. I could be having the worst day ever and you could tell me “Hey, it’s no problem. Just eat a box of pizza”, and I would. I believe in the wonders that comfort foods can do.

I believe that no matter what the situation is, you could have a pizza and you would feel at least a little better, When I went through my first breakup, l was crushed and I didn’t know what to do or ifI would ever feel betterr The world felt like it was endingr However, there was one thing that didn’t give me advice, it didn’t tell me boys are stupid or that it will get better.

It was simply a bowl of mashed potatoes that I could eatr When eating that bowl of mashed potatoes I felt at least a little okay. The buttery goodness of homemade mashed potatoes had made me slightly happier than any advice I had gotten And with the help of mashed potatoes, little by little did the heartache feel better, The same case occurred when my grandfather died. However, I was only eight years old at the time so I was really unaware of the effects it had on me Although every March 16th, I remembered it was his birthday and I would get sad, and every August 3lst I realized that was the day he died on On those days I would mourn every year.

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In August, I drove to the cemetery and visited his grave, Afterwards I wanted nothing but to go get pizza. I love pizza and it makes me feel good, and every time I would eat it, I would feel a little happier and less upset that I no longer have my papa, and eventually the sadness would turn more into a solemn feeling. It’s odd how an inanimate object could have made me feel more comfortable than a person, but I have a theory.

My theory is that, it is my favorite food and therefore no matter what, I enjoy having it and and it can boost my mood. It’s such a simple theory and so very true to me, These foods make me feel so good, they have the same value to me as my best friend does. I have not always known the power of comfort foods, but it was recently during a bad day I realized all I wanted was a pizza and I would be happier and after that. I believe that comfort foods have a larger effect on me and other people than they are given credit for, These foods, in my opinion, are the best foods I could ever eat, I believe they trump all foods and give me the most joy. Because of those reasons, the power of comfort foods live within me and makes me a happier person with those foods right there by my side.

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