An American Is Absolutely Everyone Who Lives Within the United States

“An American is absolutely everyone who lives within the United States of America. Whether it is an immigrant or a natural-born citizen, they’re an American.” My second-grade teacher in India used to say this to us when we were in our Social Science class. When I heard these words, I felt an uncommon pleasure. My dad and mom are immigrants. To me my friends are my family, i have lived with them more than my parents. First i left my friends and then the family I had in india.

During the time I was with my friends it was at the hostel which is kind of dorm.

At this hostel I have spent eight years of my life basically all my childhood. So when i was told by my uncle that I was to leave my friend to go to my parents, I felt an emotional feeling asking me should I really go living the small family that I have created over the years; but deep down in my heart I wanted to see my parents most importantly my dad whom I had not seen since I was born.

So I chose to stay in contact with and decided to go to my parents. It’s been a month since my uncle told me about me going to America, I haven’t seen him talk about it again. At some point I thought did the trick me to be away from my friends, but that was not what he did or would ever do.

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At the end of that month he did mention about it, “parthi, you will be going to america next week.” he said. I was so excited, the first thing I did was call my best friend told her the good news. I couldn’t sleep all night long because I was excited to see my father for the first time and also i was going to sit in the airplane for the first time.

The next few days we did shopping and meeting all the relatives and friends to say goodbye. Finally it was the day I had to leave. My few friends and family members came to see me off at the airport. I was so emotional that i cried because deep down i knew i won’t be able to see them for a decade. So i go of my family and friends and went into the airport. As it was my first time sitting in the airplane I got a little nervous as I want into the plane. Then when the plane started to take off, I felt a little uneasy so i asked the lady sitting beside if i can hold her hand and she was really good as she really helped me through out the ride till our plane landed in america. I was worried if would be able to recognize my dad out of the airport but all thanks to technology these days I used to have a video call with my dad i was able to look at my dad.

As I walked out of the airport i looked around for my dad, I saw him in the crowd of people waveing his hand at me it looked like he has spoted me before i did. I walked up to him and huged both my parents not before i touched the feets for blessings At school, I usually were given at the side of the opposite students and as some distance as I can take into account, they liked me. I became treated much like anybody else and all and sundry, such as my instructors, changed into nice to me. Sometimes I am positioned in the ‘spotlight’ when someone asks approximately my tradition and traditions. It is not a big deal because it does not hassle me. If I am from a one of a kind nationality, I get questions asked about my way of life. Sometimes I find it irresistible when others question me about my culture. It suggests individuality in me. I do no longer suppose there may be something incorrect with being exceptional or character. I am satisfied that school isn’t a hassle for me due to the fact that schooling is essential to my family and me. Here in America, we celebrate Navrati handly on weekends. We call up buddies and relatives on Diwali to desire them a wealthy New Year. On Holi, if we get fortunate, we get to go to a temple close by to rejoice for an hour or two.

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