"The Absolutely True Diary of a PartTime Indian"

The following sample essay on “The Absolutely True Diary of a PartTime Indian” is about the experience of reading a book written by Sherman Alexie. In particular, the character of the Younger is being studied.

When I read The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, I was very interested in the character Junior because he has been through a lot in his life on the rez. I think me and junior have a little in common because in the book he states, Poverty = empty refrigerator + empty stomach (Alexie 8).

He is telling us that if you are poor, you can’t afford food. I remember when I didn’t eat any food for a whole day. In Ethiopia, where I was born, there is a lot of poverty because war and bad governments. Junior says, I think the world of series of broken dams and floods, and my cartoons are tiny little lifeboats ( Alexie 6). One time when I discovered that I was without a lifeboat was when I first came to America .

Me and my family are from Ethiopia. We live in Minneapolis MInnesota. My family have 9 people, Me, My 4 brothers, my two sisters, and my mom and dad. . I’ve been through alot ever since I came to America. I first landed in New York and stayed there for 2 nights. After that, We officailly landed in Phoenix Arizona. I left my cousins, Grandparents, friends that I barely knew when I . I came to America when I was 4 years old so I don’t remember much about my cousins and friends.

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I’m planning to visit Ethiopia when I grow up and hopefully remember where I used to live in. One thing that I will never forget is my grandpa from my moms side. He was like a real dad to me. He was much of a dad to me then my dad was a dad to me. He treated me more than any of his grandchildren. I died when I was very little but I will never forget him in my life. He is the one that taught me education when I was like 3 years old. He died before I came to America. Leaving my hometown was very emotional for me because I had to leave my hometown because I wanted my make my grandpa proud of me. He had many hopes of me and I will continue to have an education. One day, I will change the poverty and bad people in Ethiopia and change it for the better good.

When I first came to America, It was very hard for me to make friends because I didn’t know the language and it was very hard for me to communicate. I felt very lonely and frustrated when I first went to school because I had no friends or knowing anyone that could speak my language. I had a very difficult time doing homework because I didn’t understand the language. The only homework I was good at was math because I knew addition because my mom taught me that at home.

Everyplace I went to, english was there. After school, I usually went home o eat food and then do my homework. After that, I usually go to the park that was literally in front of me. I couldn’t play with the kids because we couldn’t communicate msi I played by myself. The first 6 months in America was the hardest days in my life. After a couple of months or so, I started making a few friends. I had people that went to my school who was neighbors who would help with my homework most of the days. I really appreciated them for being there for a poor kids that was lost in this world. Of course, that person was me.

After two years in Arizona, when I started making friends, we had to move. I was very mad and fruatsed because I had to make new friends and a new home. Over those years, I didnt have a life boat because I had no permenant house and poeple exceot my family that travels with me where I go.

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"The Absolutely True Diary of a PartTime Indian"
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