What is life? Life is the mixture of joy happiness pleasure comfort

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What is life? Life is the mixture of joy, happiness, pleasure, comfort, misery, failure, problems and challenges. Life is like walking road. Sometimes it becomes bumpy road and sometimes it becomes as smooth the mirrors in the palace of peace.

This explains all the way from beginning to the end of my life. My life from beginning was very fun as I grew up in large family. I was born in July, 18, 1999 and my mother gave me name rabia originated from Arabic word Arba.

My family consists of ten members, my mother, my father, two brothers and five sisters. No one can deny the impact of family on person’s achievement. The first people who make me feel happy or discouraged are my parents and my siblings. I have learnt a lot from my family. I learnt from my mother how to keep silent in difficult situations. I learnt from her how to manage needs of large family with small salary.

I learnt how to compromise with difficult situations. My second inspiration is my father. He earns very small amount as an electrician but he is happy with it. I learnt honesty from her. I learnt ability to forgive others. I learnt sharing from my siblings.

The day I could remember when my grandmother was on death bed. I went to her with mother. I was upset because I loved her so much. For some time, I remain quiet and kept my eyes fixed on her. She simply smiled and pray for me and ordered me to go and play.

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Perhaps she need some time for private talk with my mother. After sometime it was announced that grandmother is died. I could not understand it because the concept of death was unknown to me. All were weeping and I also started weeping. I remember when I asked question to my sister that where grandmother went and she told me that Allah Almighty have taken her from us. And finally we all will go to Allah. Then I was relaxed that I could meet to grandmother after death.

I could remember that day when my sister was engaged. It was new experience to me and to all my brothers and sisters. I was happy and enjoyed a lot the event. But I started weeping to see that my sister is going and my friend told me that she did not come back. I was very close to her. After my grandmother it was my big loss. Family members make me feel happy but they could not. With the passage of I learnt to live without her.

Except from family I have learnt a lot from schooling. Like all my batch mates my life cycle also passes through primary, middle and high school. I started reading by Holly Quran and when I was five years old I got admission in government girls primary school piplan. It was wonderful experience for me to go school. Unlike other children I feel happy to go school. Because there was no concept of homework, lessons and reading. It all depends on your mood to play or read. It was good place but I was also good student as I always got first position in class no matter that over all school reputation was not good in grades ranking. From here I learnt how to behave differently with different people. I also learnt how to behave well-mannered in front of number of people.

As nothing remain as it is, it is universal rule that everything changes and my good days went to past. In 6th grade I have got admission to government girls middle school piplan. Here I realized how to study. Actually this is because of my teacher Mam Nasreen. She was wonderful lady and she was best guider.

She motivated me to set goal and firm to achieve it. I learnt how to work hard and how to become successful person. I was shy and I frightened to speak in front of people. She encouraged me and asked me to come in front of all students and teachers in morning assembly to represent 7th grade. I got frightened and my voice was shivering and I could not speak. Some students laugh at my action. And I decided not to go for comparing in morning assembly. But she was the only person who encouraged me and appreciated me. I got much confidence to stand again in front of all students and this time I was less fearful. After many experiences I gain much confidence to speak in front of large audience. My teacher advised me to gain participation in speech competition to represent my school. First of all, I was nervous than decided to compete. The day when speech competition was held was important to me. Finally, the time came when I was called to speak on selected topic on stage. First of all, I was hesitated than I forgot my fear and did my best and left stage in noise of claps. My heart was beating when result was announced. I thought that I might got second or third position but I was surprised that I got first position in tehsil piplan. After that I got second position in district Mianwali for English speech. Here I learned to speak in front of audience and I learnt speech etiquettes. And I got second position in district Mianwali. This learning has helped me a lot in university life and I think it must help me in future job area. I was also good in extracurricular activities. I got first position in long jump in district Mianwali. From sports I learnt never stop after failure but try once more.

Time goes and I got admission in 9th grade, my 8th grade result was not so good. So I have to work hard to gain good marks. The day came when result of 9th grade was uploaded on net. I can’t forget that moment when teacher told me that I got 94% marks and got first position in tehsil piplan. That was first step to my success and that was not only my success it was also success of all people who are behind me and supports me.

My college life was full of fun. I got admission to Jinnah college piplan on scholarship. My first day in college was boring but it was encouraging to me because all teacher appreciated my performance in school reports. During this cycle of my life I got relaxed and I could remember those days when I with my friend enjoy food. And I remember that I started serial of Pakistani Dramas. Although Dramas are source of fun I also learnt a lot from it. Dramas tells us reality of life. Characters in Dramas really exist around us we only need to discover them. Like Drama’s characters our life also passes through different situation and we learn to pass through these difficult situations. We can explore our self and judge our self by comparing our self with characters in dramas. I got bored from it and started reading digests. It was totally waste of time and positive and negative characters are so merged that I could not found the positive person till end of the story in digest. But soon I also get bored from it and left it. But now I realized my mistake and that is one should must read good books but avoid reading bad books. And good book reading not only enhance knowledge but change your thinking pattern. Now I recognized my weakness that is reading.

Finally, the result of my first year exam is announced and I got first position in district mianwali. This makes me to work hard and at last I I got good marks in second year. Now the time came when I have to choose one of the options to study. I knew that there is no option for me to choose university to study because financially I am not enough to bear expenses of expensive universities. But I had a chance to get good marks in ECAD and get admission to one of the known universities. So I went to Sargodha for ECAD preparation in Kips academy. Here I have to stay in hostel and here started the part of my life where I learnt to live without my family. First day when I entered hostel I was confident and I thought that can easily adjust her. But few days later I missed my family and I got fever. There were two options for me number one is to leave hostel and go back and study BSc chemistry and second one is to stay here prepare exam and get admission in engineering to one of the known universities. My dream to become engineer is actually the dream of my father. And I never want to break the dream of my father and expectations of my family. So I stay there for one and half month. That was bad experience for me but I learnt a lot from here. I experienced how to live among unknown persons. I experienced how to ignore bad behavior and taunts of others. I learnt how to manage your expression and remain quite for odd acts of others. This was the first place where I have to implement my all learning in practice.

After that I have to give ECAD exams for UET and NUST. That is good experience and I got admission in software engineering to UET Lahore and also got admission to NUST. I could not afford even the fee for NUST so I decided to go to UET. But I realized that even my father even could not afford hostel dues for UET. Then I decided to apply for admission Namal institute in Mianwali. I also belong from Mianwali, so it is convenient for me to. Finally, I got admission in electrical engineering to Namal College. I could remember my first day in Namal. I was little nervous but I tried to overcome nervousness. First session I attended was boring lecture in library. I was surprised by orientation week. We enjoyed a lot in o’week and it give us opportunity to adjust our self in that small community. Then Zero semester started and I realized the rules and regulations of namal. From Zero semester I learnt how to deal with number of people from different areas. And it was my first experienced to study in co-education. I thought co-education bad but my views have been changed here. As university is a place which prepare us for future life and in job area male and female have to work together. We must be prepared before it and Namal is giving us such opportunity. Now I am in second semester. From first semester I learnt for success contribution of each day is very important. And now I am trying to improve it in second semester.

I think one can learn from past, plan for future and live in present. We do not need to worry about past or future but we need to worry about our present. My achievement is not ended at this place but I have to work a lot to fulfill my father’s dream and to fulfill my dream. My father’s dream is to see me as a engineer but my dream is to become CSS officer. Now I am trying to fulfill both dreams. I believe no one teach me until I do not want to learn it. Only I can build up myself no one else. It depends on us that we can get drop of knowledge or we can get sea of knowledge.

I totally follow Albert Einstein:

“Try not to become man of success but rather try to become

man of value.”

My personal values are important to me. My personal values are respect of my alders and believe in God. That is believe in God that never allow me to lose patience and enhance my faith. I feel as a friend to Allah Almighty and Allah helps me whenever I am in trouble. I always try to do right and keep away from bad deeds.

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What is life? Life is the mixture of joy happiness pleasure comfort
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