Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone Essay

Comfort Zone Brian Tracy, one of the top success speakers and authors in the world, has once said, “Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new. ” His point is that, when one steps out of her comfort zone it will be strange, difficult, or painful. However, one will only grow or learn from the experience if they accept the embarrassment, difficulties, and the awkwardness that come with trying something new.

I agree with Brian Tracy because of my experience becoming a soccer player.

It started in middle school when I decided to join my school’s soccer team. I would watch soccer matches with my family and I was comfortable with the idea of watching it, never playing it. Until eighth grade, when I decided to step out of my “comfort zone. ” Growing up, I wasn’t the healthiest child and I knew that I needed to change my habits.

Therefore, in middle school, I decided to join my school’s soccer team. I knew a majority of the rules and how to play different positions despite not knowing how to dribble a soccer ball.

Brian Tracy Comfort Zone

When I attended the soccer meeting, that’s when it hit me that there’s a huge difference between watching soccer on TV and actually playing. The other players on the team had played soccer since the age of four, and there I was, without soccer experience.

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After signing up for the team, I felt foolish, scared, and distraught because I didn’t want the other players to judge me. I didn’t want them to make fun of me because I couldn’t dribble or kick a soccer ball, but my inner voice was still telling me, “ Don’t quit! Let the judging motivate you! Who cares if I can’t kick a ball, I will learn! My comfort zone was watching soccer whereas, trying to play soccer was me, stepping out of my comfort zone. During warm-ups in the first practice, I felt as if I was going to die! My legs felt horrible, and there were 2 hours left of practice. I wanted to quit, I was uncomfortable and embarrassed because I fell during an easy drill, was the slowest runner, and tired in the first 20 minutes. In the back of my mind I knew that I shouldn’t quit, I did soccer for me, to benefit my health and feed my anxiety and curiosity about the sport. On the other hand, if I were to quit, I knew I would be unhappy and disappointed with myself.

Therefore, I stayed with soccer and I’m happy with my decision because I’ve made the greatest friendships and came out of my comfort zone. My middle school soccer experience has changed me in the greatest way, it helped me realize that I will face problems where at times I won’t feel comfortable and that I shouldn’t quit, no matter how difficult, strange, or painful. After playing soccer in the eighth grade, I decided to continue to play in high school; I wanted to continue my new healthy habits and my friendships that I made in middle school.

From freshman year to senior year, I have played soccer for my high school team, junior varsity for my freshman year and varsity for my sophomore, junior, and senior year, and during all my embarrassing falls, crazy drills, and “psycho” coaches, I realized I love playing. Such a shift in my own paradigm was one of the hardest things for me to do however, I learned what it means to play with heart and passion, a team is a family, and new healthy habits. I grew because I was willing to feel awkward and embarrassed and as Kristen Wiig has once said, “When you go out of your comfort zone and it works there’s nothing more satisfying. ”

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