Bedroom: My Comfort Zone in the House

Do you ever wonder why certain places mean so much to certain people? “I can be myself” this sentence is the most common response of everyone when they have been asked this question. Otherwise, those places are also important to them or those places have some meaning to them. Another reason is that certain places can give them a sense of security in a way that they can control in their little hands.

According to the article “Why Our Homes Make Us Happy” by Philip Moeller, the author says, “Having a safe place centers us and makes it easier to achieve life goals”.

This sentence suggests that everyone has one place to to go in and just be him/herself when they’re stressed out with school or work. This the place where I’d rather be in, my bedroom.

Bedroom is the place where I can relax and be comfortable. When I’m in my bedroom, I feel soft and warm; it’s like I retreat myself after a long day of studying or working.

Most of the time when I’m at home, I’m in my bed room to just lay down and close my eyes; I daydream about place I’d like to see or think about things that make me happy. Therefore, one thing I try to avoid in my bedroom is that I shouldn’t think about work or projects that I’ve to get done or anything that makes me feel stressed because I’ll never feel relaxed in my bed anymore or the retreat is not going to work out well.

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The best thing to do is trying to stay away from these thoughts because what I want is sitting back, relax and just be myself.

Another reason why I feel like to be in my bedroom is because my room holds most of my personal belongings that I don’t want anyone to touch them; this is why I say some places give us the sense of security. It sounds like I’m a little selfish girl when I don’t want anyone to be near my belongings, but they are very important to me, and whenever I’m close to them I have a feeling that it differs from outside of my room; I feel confident and safe. In other words, I need to have privacy in my bedroom even when I’m friendly or an open-door person.

Sometimes, I feel lonely, but I can be myself instead of being with a lot of people around me but still lonely. My belongings help to forget the loneliness. One of the most favorite belongings in my bedroom is the big world map which is the big paper where I note the places that I’ve already gone and the place where I want to go. I like to be in my bedroom, but I’m also a traveler who like to travel or visit everywhere around the world. This map gives me the power of exploration and the power of setting goals.

In conclusion, everyone has some place that is important to them, and I also have one place where has a lot of meaning to me, my bedroom. Bedroom is the place where I can feel the comfortable and relax with the soft of the pillow and warm of the blanket. It’s the place where I can be myself and enjoy the private. In other words, it’s the place where I can be sad, happy or cry and nobody will know about it. I believe that everyone will have the same feeling with me about their rooms because everyone has one and it is always there for them, wait for them to come back and welcome them with the warm or with the touch of love to help them relax or just remember all the happy moment.

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