"The Days Of Doubt" By Andrea Camilleri

Topics: Doubt

Yesterday morning at 7.15 am died Salvo Montalbano. Since it is in the open coffin, laid out on his desk, and all those close to him are present: the colleagues Fazio, Catarella, Mimì, the pathologist Dr. Pasquano, the chief of police Bonetti-Alderighi – but just Livia, the Dauerverlobte of the deceased, missing. What did he die?

Dr. Pasquano moves, as usual, nothing out before he has completed the autopsy, and Bonetti-Alderighi prohibits the commissario even outright to educate his own death – for bias.

And Livia? First she hummed and hawed that they will not make it in time for the funeral, then she lets the cat out of the bag: Now she’s probably finally free. And she says Salvo bluntly on the phone when she calls.

A huge thunderclap freed Salvo from his coffin and his gloomy nightmare. The sea rages, the sky opened its gates wide. wants to drive than the commissario to the office of Vigata, he will not get far, because a stretch of road is washed away.

Out of the car on the crater rim he saves an approximately Thirty Years with thick glasses, Vanna Digiulio. The woman – totally unattractive, as he notices – is on the way to meet her aunt, an immensely wealthy widow whose 26-meter sailing yacht Vanna enters the harbor of Marinella afternoon. Thither is also called Montalbano, because the crew of the Vanna has added an inflatable boat at the harbor entrance, where the body of a man was found. First he was poisoned, was then smashed his face; his fingerprints are unknown – which has seen it with this dead himself

Bald must the Commissioner that he has gone at Vanna Digiulio a perfect show on the glue?.

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Although the exalted registered owner Vanna as well as their captain SPERLI they seem to know of, is neither niece of signora still harmless student as they pretended. Rather, it uses the identity of a military agent who was killed in Afghanistan years ago, and has placed in the commissario a whole series of subtle traces.

The murder case around the blasshäutige victims inflatable expands and becomes more complicated, and pull the yacht owner and her strange five-member team Montalbano’s interest as much to himself as the Asso di cuori ( “Ace of hearts”), a luxury motor yacht, in addition to the < em> Vanna anchored and no chance acquaintance seems to be. Both ships wander for years criss-crossing the world’s oceans – just for pleasure to their owners? The North Africans Ahmed Chaikri, one of the Vanna -Men is killed, an anti-terrorist unit mixes with. Because secrets are plentiful educate Salvos nightmare opened at the beginning of Romans the second level, the personal of the commissario.

Although he could preserve his professional ethos, his sense of justice, his compassion for the weak over the years, he’s too tired and disillusioned. Not only the state of society, self-interest, bureaucracy and hierarchies embitter him but also his own fate worries him: The age is noticeable (he is now 58), and the relationship with Livia in distant Boccadasse in Genoa attracts undecided then , geographically and emotionally exhausting.

Yet another thunderclap (this time purely symbolic) the gloomy moods swept under the carpet: as he met in the Harbor Master Lt. Laura Bella Donna, he’s blown away, not only also because it has because of its gorgeous exterior, but “an immensely likeable charisma”. While the two work together to solve the case, he loses more and more his head. Unexpectedly, Laura returns his affection, and Salvo can not believe his luck. Laura – cheerful, attractive, competent, courageous – this is a woman who could change his life. ”

Stop all doubt, an end to the bad conscience, no more reason!” But it is a “good luck that made him revive and also filled with fear.” Then it is plagued by doubts, and self-critically and ruthlessly than ever before it checks on this possible turning point, as it is to him and what it is that connects him with Laura about the gap of thirty-five years of life away: love? Desire? Vanity? Is it his lifeline from aging? He will have to make existential decisions – “clear and final”.

In this predicament, of course its author maneuvered him. Now he turns the plot then – unfortunately, I think – so out that his foster son the ultimate consequence saves remains because other his problem “solved”.

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"The Days Of Doubt" By Andrea Camilleri
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