The Dark Knight: Lojacono Determined In Naples By Maurizio De Giovanni

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In Italy, Maurizio de Giovanni’s crime series has grown over the Neapolitan Commissioner Pizzofalcone already six volumes. They were well received by the readers at home and abroad and have been filmed for television (first broadcast in spring 2017 RAI). Their success is undoubtedly due to the fact that the focus is not only one protagonist is in his dispute with one or more adversaries, but a whole team that parallel several cases must execute. So, you buy if you like the look so, like a whole bunch of crime plots and is varied entertain like in a magazine.

In addition, the “bastardi” Pizzofalcone anything but ordinary policemen. Rather, it’s Commissariat is a kind of penal colony for six “fallen law enforcement officers” who have been given one last chance to rehabilitate. Every member in this scattered handful contributes to errors in his dark past, has weaknesses of character, suffers from specific family problems, tends to be slightly off the track running behavior.

The other areas in Naples give them a chance and watch the experiment with malice and mistrust.

In the recently published in German third volume of the team has already passed the first acid tests and also with each other zusammengerauft to a well-functioning team. It teases, takes the other on the arm, called the nickname, but now accept the idiosyncrasies of others that may also prove to be assets.

Commissioner Luigi Palma is the boss. Under his skillful leadership, the branded “rogue” -Kommissariat has accepted the insulting name as a challenge and developed his own pride.

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Its bad reputation defiance, they just want under this nom de guerre good, if not better investigative work pay than their colleagues snooty:

  • Giorgio Pisanelli ( “Presidente”) is the oldest employees and Palmas deputy. He himself comes from Pizzofalcone and knows everything there and each.
  • Ottavia Calabrese ( “Mama”) assists in the office and is a computer and Internet luminary. Privately, she encounters with her mentally retarded, pflegebedürtigen seven year old son to the limits of endurance.
  • Alex Di Nardo ( “Calamity Jane”) must be aged 28 or any of its authoritarian parents live until a man she marries. To lead a life according to their true tendency, it would have to come out as a lesbian, and to their lack of courage. But they go out in regular shooting training. Her talent as a sniper, “a fly from 30 meters distance” can do, has earned it the nickname from the Wild West.
  • Inspector Giuseppe Lojacono (named because of its Asian facial features “the Chinese”) comes from Sicily, where was said to him mafia connections. He first laurels and recognition earned (the successful debut of the series) with the transfer of the legendary “crocodile”.
  • Francesco Romano ( “Hulk”) is a bull-necked, impulsive and uncontrolled type that can disengage dangerous if to get it wrong. Even his ex-wife Giorgia he often beaten if he could not control.
  • Police Sergeant Marco Aragona ( “Serpico”) resides permanently in a hotel room, as befits his image of himself as a second Al Pacino. Elvis quiff, blue mirrored glasses and solarium tanned the vital pretty boy with the loose tongue keeps irresistible for women. he is at best a caricature of the Stars for his colleagues, otherwise no longer presented as a busybody and “stupid dreister informers”.

For newcomers to the series started his team shortly before the beginning. But then the private Beziehungstrara maintains with its various problem areas pleasantly in the background – in favor of the criminal investigative work in three cases

During a school trip, a ten year old was abducted.. Not just any, but Edoardo, the only grandson of a filthy rich businessman and the only family member that he is worthy of his affection for. A huge ransom demand follows on the foot, but for “Dodo” the grandfather is ready to give the shirt off. Early suspects the veteran crime readers who the money needs it most …

While the colleagues Aragona and Romano from the second row to take this dramatic event are top investigators Lojacono and colleague Alex Di Nardo to a strange burglary been called. Someone is walking into it in an unsecured home, meanwhile, lingered whose owners Ischia. The circumstances are disconcerting: the alarm issued, not broken the door in the apartment ordered chaos. From the inviting valuables – silver, jewelry, paintings – nothing was damaged or stolen, emptied only open to the vault. It’s not that bad, it seems, unless indeed “nothing of concern” has lost, as the septuagenarian owner Salvatore insured Parascandole with the “face of a bulldog”.

The “Presidente” Giorgio Pisanelli drives, however, an obsession to. His beloved wife Carmen has gone after a serious cancer of him by taking a cocktail of painkillers and sleeping pills to him. However, despite their physical absence, the two spouses are still close. Giorgio talks to the dead, also via the many suicides in the quarter, as the police officer has doubts that all of them were committed voluntarily. He is convinced that a “moribund Killer” go around, the lonely, sick and depressed people would like to pay a supposedly good service. His next victim could be a poor widow who lives alone in a dreary basement hole. To the unknown angel of death forestall from his imagination, Giorgio shaded the old lady at every turn.

In the good intention of his novel hinauszuheben literary than the average thriller fare, the author has come up with some to let. It prepares the various plot threads from different perspectives on what adds even more variety and additional enigmas, but does not facilitate the overview. Apart from the point of view of the police officers we experience the criminals, and particularly haunting effect the fearful inner perspective of the young “Dodo”, who is trapped alone in a dark room and clings to the small plastic figure of his hero Batman. As a poetic theme, the author installed dark thoughts over time, which is usually regarded as the merry month: “Beware … Because of May in this city know by May how he can deceive you … He embraces you with its tentacles and already you think everything was fine, everything was as usual. From due. ” To my taste all this is to overdo, because the focus is lost, the plot tattered, reading can be tiring.

Also with us is Maurizio de Giovanni’s thriller series their loyal followers, not least because the recognition of ragtag, striking teams with a loud strange characters who have their own way, the heart in the right place, it’s fun. we wait for the next events for the “bastardi” Pizzofalcone.

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