A Short Review of the Dark Knight Rises, a Film by Christopher Nolan

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The Dark Knight Rises is one of the best superhero films. This is the last tale of Batman. It is a movie that has been displayed on the big screen with more screenwriting features and film producing passion than almost any other movie regarding a superhero (Jodi, Bob, Andie, 2012). Directed by Christopher Nolan one of the today’s finest writer-directors. He is talented in storytelling and a producer of thrilling action movies. His decision to include Hathaway in the film as a sexy robber of expensive jewels was a radiant casting coup (Duncan, Janine, 2012).

Christian Bale plays the key character of Bruce Wayne also known as Batman, with a recurring cast of Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Cillian Murphy. Two other main characters are introduced to Nolan’s series namely Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy (VF Daily 2012).

For those who have not viewed the earlier films in the series of Batman, it’s a good idea to view them as they are linked to this Film Dark Knight Rises.

The character known as Dark Knight or Batman is also referred to as Bruce Wayne comes back from obscurity. At the end of the movie, Batman was disliked whereby he took the fall for the death of the well-respected Harvey Dent. Batman disappears for eight years. Nolan investigates the different stories both present and past that support the main plot and fills characters with passion and plenty color very well using nearly three-hour running time.

In this movie, a new villain emerges on the scene in the figure of Bane.

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Actor Tom Hardy plays the almost unrecognized part off Bane, and his voice is modified. He is masked and instructed by batman’s tutor, Ra’s al Ghul and a past member of the union of Shadows. Bane believes that Gotham City should be ruined before its populace can be liberated from the power of those at the top, and he has very dark plots that he plans to achieve before the movie is concluded. Joseph Gordon-Levitt acts as John Blake, a police officer. He has a past different from that of Bruce Wayne.

This movie, for good or bad, displays a lot of connections with the British franchise. This is evident as there is no significant government private agency. There exist the vigilante rich man who puts on a cape and a disguised in a mask. He resides in an imaginary location known as Gotham City. The sexy female characters, acted by Hathaway and Marion Cotillard, a felon bent on either universal domination or demolition, and a master creator with fancy toys are displayed in the movie also a reasonable amount of self-deprecation (Jodi, Bob, Christopher, Jonathan, Steven, 2012).

Nolan takes this movie around the world. These are seen from the opening scene in West Africa that comprises of some remarkable aerial tricks and a quick scene of Bruce climbing out of a well near the popular Indian “Blue City” of Jodhpur (Greg, Jonathan, Christopher, 2012). Such shots anchor the movie in the actual world whereas it adds an interesting veneer to its already adventurous start.

The film does not have a unifying subject to provide Batman’s final fight any of the emotionally fulfilling punch of the preceding movies. The film states that it is about Bruce Wayne discovering how to desire to live, but that is not experienced at the core. This is made more frustrating as the movie chooses to tap back into the League of Shadows thread. With many flashbacks literal and figurative to Batman Begins, it is similar to a victory lap that is not entirely realized (Christopher, 2012).

The Dark Knight Rises happens to be the third movie to surpass the $400 million mark at the U.S. box office this year. The Hollywood studio system does not allow broad creative expression, which in turn works against the authority and concept of the director. Anybody working at the studio has got 20 persons sitting on his head every instant, and they have no high opinion. Nolan has achieved a lot and did not have any power. The film end in a brilliant way as it concludes the series in a Nolan approach (The Prague post, 2012).

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