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Superhero movies have been huge for as long as I can remember and it is no secret that Batman has always been a fan favorite. It is hard not to be amazed by a character that can combine high tech gadgets with superhuman qualities. When you combine all of this with arguably the best villain of all time, the Joker it is hard not to love, at least that is what you would think going into the movie. This film made so much money that it found itself top five all-time in sales, but some questionwhether it lives up to the hype.

While the film may not be perfect by the same standard, at least one character makes it well worth watching.

Batman has always been loved by the people of Gotham but for some reason in this film right from the start things seem different. Do not get me wrong he is still the same old guy fighting off crime like no other, however his perception just seems to be shifting for the worse.

The real big change occurred when he saved Harvey Dent instead of his true love Rachel and half of Dents face got burned off which in turn gave him the nickname “Two Face.” I will discuss more about this in the next paragraph focusing more on Dent but Gotham completely turned on Batman after this event. Anyone who knows Batman knows this will not stop him from doing everything he can for the betterment of the city of Gotham.

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Yes, he may have witnessed himself turn into the villain, but he only did this because it was what was best for

Movie Critique – The Dark Knight Movie Critique – The Dark Knight Movie Critique – The Dark Knight

Gotham, his ultimate goal. To me this was a phenomenal twist to the movie and made it that much more epic.

One of the main characters in this movie is Harvey Dent who is the Chief of Justice in Gotham. All throughout the first half of the movie Dent is gaining more and more love and trust from the city of Gotham because of his incredible ability to capture criminals and serve them justice. He even feeds the fire a bit by trying to make Batman look bad and brainwash the city by saying he is not the hero …

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