The Crocodile by Maurizio de Giovanni Review

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Deported you have it. In criminal proceedings against the accused Mafioso had ratted him as corrupt informants, and there was ispettore Giuseppe Lojacono no longer be held in Sicilian Agrigento, although he had nothing like can be guilty. But the circumstantial situation was not enough to slander quash, and so the hitherto dreaded high animal was “out of pure expediency” transferred to Naples. The authorities action has not only Lojaconos dazzling career prospects, but also his family ruined. Wife and daughter moved to Palermo, where it is very difficult for them to set up a new life.

Ten months squats the ispettore now already in the office of an infamous police station in Naples and beats his time playing poker on the computer dead. his colleagues let him not come into play, and no one is interested in his humble opinion. Lojacono again serving a night shift, an anonymous call ordered him to a crime scene , In the backyard of an old apartment building he finds a sixteen-year-old small-time dealer, done by headshot.

Worse than the sight of the young dead seems the policeman of the broken mother: the “silent cry” of her pained face, “an image of madness”

The Mafia, which is Lojacono clear, not infected. behind the murder. erregendem when the strike, then either stir fuss that all displaced in fear, or very quietly, without leaving a trace. But yes Lojacono no one asks. Inspector Di Vincenzo from the Commissariat San Gaetano takes on the case and lets the first ispettore rebuffed.

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He has enough trouble with the deputy prosecutor who has put it in my face: With dottoressa Laura Piras, a Sardin from Cagliari, only thirty and already “a tough nut,” is not good cherry eating.

Before even beginning becomes apparent why the sixteen had to die, two more young people are killed in the same way from the immediate vicinity. Curiously, the culprit seems to be the traces he leaves behind at the scene, not to fear – on the contrary: In addition to cartridge cases, the police will find every time wet geweinte handkerchiefs. procure the thick crocodile tears the brash-cruel serial killer fast his nickname “crocodile”.

We readers learn the man in the first sentence to know. “Death comes to eight fourteen in on track three, with seven minutes Delay.” He has pre-planned his trip to the smallest detail and researched it on the Internet. A simple business is all are not for him, because behind him years of despair; only memory and longing for a reunion let him persevere. In haunting love letters we read about his feelings – “Your smile, your beauty, your blond hair, the heat of your hands on my face.” – and “you press to my heart can [to] again,” his confidence.

investigators groping meanwhile, of course, in the dark. After the third murder and lack of knowledge dottoressa Laura Piras is all ears for Lojaconos approach. Di Vincenzo resistance ignoring it brings the ispettore in their team, and slowly comes movement in the educational work. All three victims were only children and the only meaning to life their single mothers or the Father. the “crocodile” would probably punish the adults? But for what, and what connects them? They come from very different social backgrounds.

The plot is stringently and logically laid out harmoniously, the tension continues to the very last page, then ends with a scoop and requires for all that no blood factor. The people are interesting people, all with a special charm. Protagonist Lojacono and prosecutor Piras try to protect their sensibilities and their history behind a hard shell. Even the killing monsters to get emotionally closer than you would like. Even behind the “crocodile” put a broken, guilt-ridden man whose motive will leave no reader cold.

All of this is embedded in the lively atmosphere of Naples, which some exciting a juggernaut, others in Italy or even most beautiful city call. Crowded the many people live here together, and they have long learned to live with sorrow and powerlessness, poverty and fear. When something terrible happens, they prefer to look away, to have to see nothing to hide, nothing insistent. Therefore, small and big criminals can easily explore their future crime scenes and victims without being registered and mafia-like structures could solidify over many decades.

De Giovanni’s narrative style is catchy and often from easier serenity pervades. Really lively dialogues between Lojacono and his partner, the police chief Luciano Giuffrè, who once chauffeur are a minister was and now as the ispettore was transferred to the police station to take to criminal charges and doing paperwork, “two prisoners on Alcatraz “.

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