"The Crooks Of Pizzofalcone" By Maurizio De Giovanni

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Something is always hanging. While you have the inspector Giuseppe Lojacono can never prove that he really has collaborated with the Mafia, but was enough the accusation to deport to the applicable uncomfortable policemen. Thus Lojacono lost everything he had been fond of. He had to vacate his position in Agrigento and even left his native Sicily, to pull on his new job in Naples. His family life was broken. Wife Sonia and the teenage daughter Marinella broke away to Palermo.

At its first new workplace, the Commissariat San Gaetano in the middle of the city, he proved that he logical his good sense, his intuition and his thinking had brought from Sicily. He could solve the murder of four children and a desperate old man, known as “the crocodile” arrest. Since then Lojaconos qualities are recognized, but with his colleagues, he has therefore not been popular.

Then it was his boss Di Vicenzo summoned to suggest him a renewed displacement.

He will now move on to the police station Pizzofalcone. The area local is not very big, but densely populated. It is located in the Spanish Quarter, the Spanish Quarters east of the port and extends down to the Castel dell’Ovo by the sea. Here, at the hill Pizzofalcone (also known as Monte di Dio known), the Greeks founded 2,700 years ago their city Parthenope.

The Chief of Police wishes to terminate the Commissariat Pizzofalcone best. It has come down to a kind of dumping ground for police officers. Four colleagues were noticed there stupid because they had managed confiscated cocaine partly on to the side and silver-plated.

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As they walked behind Italian curtains, their positions had to be filled. It filled the office with a loud “rotten apples” from other departments, and was sure that they would never pack it to work properly. One is irascible and violent, another incapable, but from a good family; One is psychopathic Waffenfanatikerin, another convinced that he was a serial killer on the trail, though no one shares his delusion. Here fits Lojacono, the suspected mafioso , a good look, and its short-term colleagues from San Gaetano see him go like.

But “I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone” can not stand tall. Your boss, commissario Luigi Palma, 40, ambitious, spirited and “constantly under power,” derives its “dissolute” troop of the “outcast” with clear goals in mind: to trust the employees and motivate them to convince superiors by good work and prevent the dissolution of the Commissariat. In his first staff meeting he Nordet all to good cooperation a “We should name basis”.

Before she can sniff closer to each other, they have their first case on the table, a Beziehungstat in better circles, that does not seem difficult to explain. The beautiful wife of a notary was murdered. He owes his career alone their wealth and their social relations and their apparently now finally become tired after having amused with several women for years. But the suspect has a safe alibi. At the material time the ungrateful Leichtfuß bored with his new flame in Sorrento.

Palma assigns the case Lojacono and provides it with Police Sergeant Marco Aragona aside. The extrovert young man does not need to exert special thanks to his family network of relationships and possessions and dedicated to like his style and to use the perilous slope, Naples as a Formula 1 circuit. While they were fishing in troubled waters, the trained thriller reader suspects already who the perpetrators. Where no gardener, there is always the … more can here be indicated in any case, because the voltage resources of detective fiction are already limited.

Maurizio de Giovanni, an accomplished, original and versatile writer (1958th ) was born in Naples, performs here in a variety of Noir genre, which operates under the name Police procedural . She came in the forties in Anglo-Saxon crime writers, and was further developed in novels, movies and television films. Instead of the usual heroes investigators as a single role model here one follows the work of a police team whose members receive all the same level of attention.

Man, dealing as it corresponds to their daily lives, not only one criminal case, but simultaneously with several who usually nothing to do with each other. it follows realistically for the structure of the novel that he does not find its peak as usual at the end of the exposure of the perpetrator. Often the culprits are known to the readers / viewers right from the start, and the cases are solved by the story unfolds gradually. Plenty of room receive procedural details of the police action, such as interrogation records, securing evidence, reports from the coroner.

“The crooks Pizzofalcone” has not convinced me this concept. The detective story and the Beziehungsproblemchen the team dressed pretty listless away like the bland artificial tomato sauce on a frozen pizza. The other cases that need to be resolved at Pizzofalcone Hill, add here a crumb oregano, basil there a trace added, but not enough to bring the whole thing really intense flavor and crispy on the table. As a macho, who quickly loses control beats. There is a youthful beauty goes voluntarily in captivity, what an old boy was also pleased to be richly rewarded with money and jobs as their family. A Father gives his sheep through an “act of mercy” the “paradise”. These are nice everyday cases, but they are prepared without bite.

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"The Crooks Of Pizzofalcone" By Maurizio De Giovanni
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